DREAMCAR – Kill For Candy Review 3.6/5

Okay so for my first review I’m going to be looking at a band called Dreamcar, they are a upcoming American new wave band from Los Angeles and so far they have released only 2 songs from their up coming Self titled album.

Before getting Into the song how I found this band im not sure however since finding them this song has been stuck In my head ever since. So getting onto the band members they consist of:

Singer – Davey Havok

Bassist – Tony Kanal

Guitarist – Tom Dumont

Drummer – Adrian Young

Now looking at the Line-up you would be thinking this Is members of No Doubt and AFI, well you would be absolutely right, with No Doubt on Hiatus with Gwen Stefani carrying on with her solo carrer the 3 members decided to start a new band and bought in Davey Havok from AFI to sing with them.

So hearing about this band I decided to buy the single off the Itunes store for 99p and gave it a listen and by far it was different, creative and somewhat had an 80’s feel to the song.

Now usually this is not the music I listen to, I do listen to alot of genres and have an open mind to anything on music and films but I’m not a big fan of new wave however this song had me at the start and as well as the lyrics which i will discuss afterwards.

The intro to the song hits in straight away with the drums and guitar and has a popping beat and as soon as the snare hits the bass comes in bringing it all together giving it the upbeat feel it has and then the vocals come in where they start off slow and build up to the chrous where Davey’s vocal range comes in making this song a belter its just a shame the song is short and is only 3 minutes long.

So with the lyrics there most proberly will be a hidden message within the lyrics and if so its quite clever it could be about love or sex it depends how you look at it for example:

“Let it dissolve on your tongue, Let me dissolve on your tongue”

So after listening to this song about 5-10 times i did some googling on the band to see whether there is more information on the band to find they’ve done a music video for the song which was Directed by Frank Borin (Link will be at bottom of page)

So I watch the video for the song to see what they would of done which was a nice touch to a music video it was a point of view style video showing you through the eyes of each band member which i thought was a good idea giving you the sense of what there doing but also what it would feel like to be Davey Havok and the clothes he wears.Also with the video they have gone for a New Wave style with the 80’s Neon Lights and throughtout the whole video, then again the video was basically them in a room performing the song with lights around them (Maybe Cheap and Cheerful but effective)

Apologies for Youtube Screenshots.

So Overall???

Overall I think this song is very good its Creative, happy, upbeat and something to get you moving. But that’s not up to me to decide have a look your self give it a go on Youtube or even buy the Single for 99p

Self Tited album will be released on 12th May

Band 4/5 Song 4/5 Video 3/5 – Overall – 3.6/5

Band’s Website – Dreamcar

Video – Kill For Candy

Itunes – Kill for Candy – Single

All Information on this band/Song were done by research and any information used was gathered from various Websites as well as pictures that were used unless stated cannot and will not take credit for the pictures.

Now that the boring bit out the way I hope you enjoyed reading this review and I didn’t bore you to much, once again give the song a go and see what you think.

Until Next Time….

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