TBT Review – CKY Vol. 1 

I’ve decided to do a Throw Back Thursday review on same old but goodies so check back here to see what will be next weeks.

CKY (Camp Kill Yourself) is a band that formed in 1998 from West Chester in Pensylvania and consists of Deron Miller on vocals, Chad I Ginsburg on guitar and Jess Margera on Drums.

They recorded their first album in 1998 in The Ground Hog Studio in Pensylvania and was released a year later.

(Pictures from Wikipedia)

So this is the Orginal Album Cover which features a drawing of R Budd Dwyer, he was a Politician until he Committed Suicide on a TV Press Conference however as a few copies were press they had to change the artwork with it being too aggressive and offensive.

Which brings us to the latest album cover and the one they use today on the album which features the guitarist on stage throwing his guitar round.

So what about the album itself? Well, it features 9 tracks with a ghost track at the end however the remastered edition which was released in 2008 has the ghost track as an extra.

So what about the songs?

Well the songs on this album hit you in the face with a wall of sound which is a good thing as everything is their drums, bass, vocals and guitar this album is creative for when it was made in 1998 as every song follows on from each other with no gap so you could listen to the album without stopping.

So what about the tracks…

  1. 96 Quite Bitter Beans – This song is the song that everyone knows CKY for, it was featured in Jackass videos and Films as well as there own CKY home videos and as well as Viva La Bam and still to this day this is a hard guitar riff intro which I still can’t play to this day.  This song is one of the heaviest on the album but also the catchiest as well plus it makes a great intro for the album.
  2. Rio Bravo – This song hits in straight away from 96 Quite Bitter Beans and punches in straight away with the drums then followed by the guitar riff, with this song it has a lot of effects on the guitar and vocal range giving this song its edge on the album.
  3. Disengage the Simulator – This song has the punch like the other to two songs but the vocal range is a lot calmer than the first two making this song alot calmer but this song i would say is my favourite off the album by far as I always see this as a track to listen to while driving don’t know why though.
  4. The human Drive (in Hi-Fi) – Very different intro it would make you believe its a different band then all of a sudden it kicks in with the first word “DIE!” And then you know its CKY very good song alot of vocals effects once again giving this song its edge.
  5. Lost in Contraption – This song is alot calmer than the others giving the band more flex to do other things and not just heavy however this song would be my least favourite on the album as it just doesn’t grab me compared to the others.
  6. Knee Deep – With this song I would say this my second favourite song off the album mainly because of the intro with its dreary guitar tone and playing  before the song actually kicks in.
  7. My Promiscuous Daughter – This song is quite random specially if you pay attention to the lyrics it shows that the band can twist things make it sound weird and good.
  8. Sara’s Mask – Most probably the Calmest song on the album with no distortion on the guitars and no screaming or shouting on the vocals making this song a worth listen.
  9. To all of you – And the last song on the album giving it a different feel than all the other songs with alot of effects on this song with the guitars and vocals.

Music videos?

So for this album they did one music video (Link at the bottom, unfortunately its not a good copy of the video)

In the music video it features all the band most of the jackass and CKY crew doing stunts


This band and album is a old but good’en I didn’t listen to this album till i was 14 and well I’m 26 and I’d still listen to it has great tracks and is a great album, tracks I’d recommend would be Diseneage the Simulator, Knee Deep and Sara’s Mask out of the nine tracks

Band 4/5 Album 4/5 Video 2/5

Giving us 3.3 out of 5

So if you have a spare £7.99 lying around or have never heard of CKY then check them out the links are below.

And thanks for reading more blogs coming soon.
96 Quite Bitter Beans Video – Youtube

Itunes – CKY Vol. 1

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