Stardew Valley (PS4) 

Hey, guys and gals this is my review on Stardew Valley, I’ve reviewed this game on PS4 it is also on PC, Xbox One and will be coming to the Nintendo Switch later on in the year.

So about the game? It is made by an indie developer called Eric Barone who designed and made this game by himself and is developed by Chucklefish Games it was released on PC back in February 2016 and was released on consoles In November of that year.

So opening the game for the first time?

So when I got the game off Amazon £16.49 which I might add that is reasonably cheap for a Next Gen game these days I opened the case not only to find the disc on its own but with a few goodies.

Included inside the case was a printed over version of the map of Stardew Valley, the soundtrack to the game and a manual on how to play the game, Now with this being an Indie Developer I gotta admit I think this is a nice touch for the price of the game and extra goodies included thumbs up.  Not many games come loaded with goodies anymore and if they do you have to pay extra for them so I was really impressed with this.

So about the game?…

Okay before I start talking about the game many people if they don’t know this game is inspired by another game called Harvest Moon which in my younger days I played a lot I had Harvest Moon on Game Boy and Gamecube and played them for hours on end, so when I heard about this game I had to get it, anyway the bio game may sound familiar so thought I would give the heads up.

“You’ve inherited your grandfather’s old farm plot in Stardew Valley. Armed with hand-me-down tools and a few coins, you set out to begin your new life. Can you learn to live off the land and turn these overgrown fields into a thriving home?”

So that is the description on Steam’s website for the game when I first read it I thought they’ve copied Harvest Moon but I did some research on the game to find the information out.

Playing the game?…

So opening the game I put the disc in the PS4 and within seconds It Installed only 3Gb in total and no updates so I started playing straight away and I felt at home straight away it felt like I was playing Harvest Moon and a console but with so many improvements, better movement, gameplay, graphics and loading when entering different areas. The first time I played it I played for about 3 hours and was getting hooked on trying to clear my farm ready for plots and livestock.

This game is really good and there are 2 things I’ve got to talk about that got me hooked on the game and that’s Fishing and Mining.

Now these 2 hobbies in the same and make you a lot of gold, but they’ve had a better insight in to doing than other versions of this game for example in the caves where your mining you don’t just use your pickaxe and get ore you’ve now gotta fight inside the cave any monsters you encounter.

Also, the best thing about this is the deeper you go down the harder the enemy get but the loot also gets better makes you want to achieve going there and getting that ore, so far I’ve only got copper, iron and a few jewels from mining but I love doing it.

Now fishing is pretty good in most games you cast your rod and then the bait is bitten you cast it in, for example, that was World of Warcraft and is pretty basic but with Stardew Valley it changes everything you cast your rod and when it bites you gotta fight with the fish you reel it in.

So you have to keep the fish In the green bar to bring It the the surface to reel them In, which makes the game more enjoyable as you won’t catch them all but it will make you want to try and I’ve spent half an hour fishing in this game to only know that I will be doing it some more.

Also with Stardew Valley is a small community you will get to know everyone and try to make everyone your friend and maybe more as their this an option to make girls or guys your other half in the game which gives the game a little more edge as its just not a farming game its also a livable game making it like the sims a little.

So giving them gifts and talking to them will make them like you a little more and maybe you could marry them in the future of the game, I’ve not started doing this yet myself I’m still fascinated by Fishing and Mining.

So other things to mention before summing up the game are:

  • Upgradeable houses and buildings – buy upgrades on your farm to make it better.
  • Events – every month there are events to can take part in with the community which will also get them like you a little more.
  • Postbox – At the side of your house, there is a box where you deposit items and you get coins for them a quick and easy way to make money.
  • Sewers and Secret Forest? – I’ve heard rumours about the Secret Forest but not seen anything on it and there is an accessible sewer line available in the game but once again I’ve not been there.

Okay so I Only have one flaw with this game and that is Horse Racing.

In the old Harvest Moon games, there was Horse Racing where you would put your own horse In the race and race him against others now that back in the day was amazing and it would be nice if it was included in this game but it’s not a biggie this game still rocks.
So my Verdict?….

This game is one amazing role simulating game where you are given a Farm to do as you please to raise livestock and grow crops, to make friends and possible family members and fight in the caves and fish for coins.

If you’re A fan of Harvest Moon or want a game to try, you need to try this!

Game – 4 out of 5

Price – 5 out of 5

Contents – 5 out of 5

Gameplay – 4 out of 5

Giving this game a total of 3.6 out of 5

Once again Thanks for reading this blog I will post some links at the bottom for you buy this game from amazon and game and a youtube link for some videos.

More reviews coming soon 🙂

Game – PC Download Key

Xbox – Xbox One Buy Here…

PS4 – PS4 Buy Here…

Youtube – Trailer Here

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3 thoughts on “Stardew Valley (PS4) 

  1. I played this game on PC for a solid fifteen hours or so, but I kind of got bored of it once I fell into a routine of mining, farming, fishing, and romancing. I hope the controls translated well for you, playing on console.


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