Zombie Vikings

Hey guys and gals and this Is my latest review and It’s on Zombie Vikings on the PS4.

So this game is on PlayStation and PC and Is developed by Zoink and Is a Beat-Em-Up, 2D side-scroller. It is also an online game up to 4 players and also includes a Versus mode to go against each other. So with this game I haven’t seen a 2D side-scroller since the Dead Island remaster and from what I’ve played from this game so far I would say this game Is by far better and It’s A nice change to see a side scroller Instead of a normal standard 3D free roam game that doesn’t work.

So about the game?…

So a bad guy called Loki just snatched Odin’s last magic eye right out of his eye-socket and hastily gangled off with it. Thor and the gods are too busy partying, so blind as a bat, Odin makes a desperate move. He raises four of the most fearsome Zombie Vikings out of Norse soil – Gunborg, Seagurd, Hedgy and Caw-kaa! A putrid posse sent on a mission through the most epicness of worlds to retrieve The Eye and make peace with their rotten pasts.

So from this bio of the game, it sounds like 3 Marvel characters are Involved but they aren’t as there are a lot of references in this game even including Amazon as one.


There are four playable characters in this game and you can choose them all straight away they are:

Caw-Kaa, a sassy female Viking who was raised by crows and uses their dark powers to her advantage

Seagurd, a nautical Viking who has since death been infused with an octopus who allows him to spit ink and trash opponents.

Gunborg a classically buff female Viking who uses brute strength to demolish anything in her way, and lastly.

Hedgy a tiny and insane Viking who uses pure energy and explosives to make his way through hordes of enemies.

Levels and Game Modes?….
There are 30 levels to the story mode with side quests within most levels which are as comical as the main storyline, there is also a Versus mode where you fight each other this can be played Local or Online multiplayer.

General Thoughts?…

With this game, its pretty fun, comical and quirky it has its moments for example on the pause screen there Isn’t any options menu at all but besides that, it’s a fun game which has online features and has hours of levels to play through.

So with this game, I’m going to give it a 3/5 Stars 🙂

Thanks for reading my review and keep looking back for updates on more reviews coming soon 🙂 (links at the bottom)

PS4 Game – Buy Here

PC Game – Buy Here

Trailer – Zombie Vikings Trailer

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