Mini Review – WWE Supercard App 

Hello And welcome to my mini review on the mobile game WWE Supercard app, this is available on iPhone and Android and has been out since 2014 and is developed by Cat Daddy Games and published by 2K Games.

So what is the game?
Well, the game is a card collection game where you fight and collect cards and get better and better the more you level up so the more you play the better it gets, plus there is a draft pick where you pick cards at random and could receive wresters, enhancements and add-on cards.

The best thing about playing this game so far is that there are microtransactions available but if you keep playing and don’t give him you don’t need to buy them and also its a fun addicting game its made me want to play more and more.

Game Modes?…

There are 5 Game modes which are Wild, Ranked, Royal Rumble, King of the Ring and  Money in the Bank.

Wild – In a wild match, the player has to set up a group of four superstars, two female superstars and two support cards you get to pick from any card that you unlocked between season 1 and 2, there will be 3 matches the first person to win 2 of the matches wins.

Ranked – Ranked is the same as Wild however if you win the match it goes towards your total score on the ranked leaderboard.

Royal Rumble – Royal Rumble is where you go against an opponent with 15 of your cards that are chosen randomly and they enter the ring one by one to go against the other player’s cards. If you win the Royal Rumble you will get 12 draft picks and if you lose you get 6 which is worth playing for.

Money in the bank – This game mode is where it will randomly select 5 wrestlers out of your deck and you have to try and climb the ladder to reach the briefcase if you successfully do so you will receive contacts which can be used to buy rare cards or draft picks.

King of the Ring – In KOTR, matches are simulated. The player builds a deck of 8 superstars, 2 divas, and 4 support cards to determine his tier and rewards. Then the AI matches up the player with 15 other players/bots and the player’s lineup plays simulated matches with each of the opponent player’s squad three times (not consecutively) in a particular order with each match lasting 10 minutes and a gap of 50 minutes between each match. Winning King of the Ring will give you a wrestler at the current level you are.


So the cards you can get are all on different levels and go up like a ladder which as follows:




Super Rare

Ultra Rare









Wrestlemania 33

Summerslam 17




So far on my playthrough i’m in on Ultra Rare level with the players I’m getting and have but you could come across people with better cards than yourself.

My Rating?…

My rating on this game is gonna be a 4/5 for a mobile game it’s quite addicting and at the moment I’ve been playing this more than console gaming plus you don’t have to do the microtransactions if you stick with it plus it’s a fun game especially if you’re into wrestling.

Well thanks for reading people sorry it’s been a while and will hopefully get things rolling again 🙂 (Links at the bottom)
Youtube – Wwe Supercard Trailer

App Store – WWE Supercard

Google Store – WWE Supercard

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