Foo Fighters – Run 

Hello and welcome to this review of Foo Fighters new song Run, as writing this review I’m still listening to it as this song has blown my mind, I’ve been a big Foo Fighters fan since I was about 14 now 26 and there still rocking for me.

I didn’t even know the Foo’s were gonna release something so good job on keeping it a surprise especially with the music video. (Link at Bottom)

So from the artwork to the single, It’s kinda clear what the message is which is run but you’ll understand that more after watching the video.

So the song kicks in soft with gentle guitar work and vocals and builds up to the heavy drums, guitar and bass making it all come together just a bug thrash session and another great song by the lads.

Okay before I talk about the Music Video here is the first picture I saw before watching It.

Now when I saw It I thought are they just playing up to being old or is it for something and what do you know its for a music video below will be a few snaps from the video off youtube, but basically they are in a retirement home telling the residents to wake up and do something with their lives before its too late well that’s the message I received from the video. Also, the music video was directed by Dave Grohl himself.

But the Punchline of the song got me as well,

“Wake Up. Run for your life with me.”

Power and Bold message within the lyrics

Anyway here are the pictures,

Great Song and Great Video look like the lads are back and they’re here to rock and roll! And can’t wait for the new album!!

I’m giving this song 5/5! It’s a really good song it flows well and the music video is fitting in a weird way but also looks like they have fun recording it. But also this Is one of the bands I grew up on so much love for them.

Well done Lads!

Music Video – Run Music Video

Buy the Single! – Run (Single)

Thanks for reading this review hope it hasn’t been too boring for you.

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