Pokemon Magikarp Jump!

Hello and welcome to my review of Pokemon Magikarp Jump!

This game came out 2 days ago and Is made by the Pokemon Gaming Company, and this is basically a spin-off game to the usual Pokemon games while you raise and train a Magikarp to jump as high as it can and that’s it now by reading that you’d think yeah this will become boring very quickly but so far I’ve played it for an hour and I’m loving, for now, it has the same feel as a normal pokemon game without the walking to new areas.

The Plot?…

Pokémon: Magikarp Jump takes place in Hoppy Town, where people train Magikarp and compete to see whose can jump the highest. The player can train one Magikarp at a time; when it is lost, reaches its maximum level and retires, or is forced to retire, the player must fish for a new Magikarp.



There are 10 different leagues to complete In but you must do them one by one to advance to the next one and by completing them you get rewards for your Magikarp and for the pond that your Magikarp lives in.


So with the battles you all do Is basically make your Magikarp jump and whoever gets the highest wins but the best thing about this Is you can have other pokemon cheer for you giving you that extra boost.

The Results of Battling another Magikarp.
Charizard Cheering Magikarp On!



So with this game, I think It was aimed at kids and something for to keep them occupied but it seems to keep me occupied as well. This game is fun and can kill a lot of time if needed just make sure your phone battery Is charged up.


With this game, I’m going to give It 3 out of 5 stars, a very good mobile game to keep you amused for a few hours but also makes you appreciate Magikarp more than you should.


Thanks for reading people hope you keep checking back for more reviews and blog posts (Link for the trailer at bottom of page)

Trailer – Pokemon Magikarp Jump!

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