James (Dad) Fallout 3 

Hello Since It’s Father’s day thought I would do a Blog on a Dad.

James (also known as Dad) is the Lone Wanderer’s father and is also Vault 101’s resident doctor in 2277.

James was born in 2226, Later in his life, he met a group of scientists and formed a team. One of them was Dr Madison Li and another was Catherine, the love of his life. The group had one goal, to provide clean, free water for the Capital Wasteland.

In Fallout 3 there are many quests that Interact with this character but the main one that everyone remembers is The Waters Of Life.

You and your Father make their way first to Rivet City, then to the Jefferson Memorial, the site of Project Purity. As the Enclave storms the Memorial, James refuses to cooperate with Colonel Augustus Autumn. In the end, James floods the room with radiation, attempting to kill Autumn but killing himself in the process and with no success in his objectives.

For me, Fallout Games are really good games however this quest was very dark and sometimes you grow more fond of those characters you work alongside so Credit to Bethesda here wasn’t expecting that when I first played It.

Many thanks for reading guys and…

Happy Father’s Day!

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