PS4 Controller Thumbstick Replacement 

Hello, people just giving a quick blog post on my day off to tell you about replacing the thumbsticks on a PS4 controller now It seems dawn-ting to do but It’s actually pretty easy.

Now before I carry on I didn’t replace them on my own I had help from this guide so give them a thumbs up as this guide really does help.

PS4 Controller Thumbstick Replacement
So the tools needed are:

Phillips #00 Screwdriver

Opening tools (which can be bought Here)

Blunt forceps

With these tools, you can dismantle the controller with ease.

So with the tools ready the first job is to take out the screws at the back of the controller after doing this you will use the opening tools to introduce an opening to the controller so you can be opening the controller but be careful so the share and options button falling out as well as the motherboard ribbon as if this breaks then the controller is good as dead.

So then you have to disconnect the motherboard ribbon to separate both parts of the controller this must be done or you can’t progress any further, then the battery and be disconnected this is what the blunt forceps are for.

So after this, you should look something le this.

Then you will need to remove the motherboard screw and touchpad ribbon once this is done you can take the motherboard out and flip it round to expose the thumbsticks, here you can remove them and place the new ones on.

Now I went for metal ones this time so hopefully, they will last longer.

Once this is done you follow the steps in reserve order to put the controller back together.

And you should have something like this.

And that’s It, it is as easy as that but once again I did follow the guide to help me so I would recommend that you’d do the same.

Thanks for reading people I will post links at the bottom for what I bought to do this repair.

Thumbsticks – Thumbsticks
Tools – Tools for Repair

Guide – Replacement Guide

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