Aura Whisper

Time for a Skyrim Post I think…

And what more than a Dragon Shout.

This Shout functions similarly to a Detect Life spell. However, unlike Detect Life, this ability also allows the user to detect the presence of animunculi, undead, and daedra. This shout can also detect dragons, though it is barely visible. The range is also far greater than that of Detect Life.

Though this is a whisper, using it near enemies will alert them to the Dragonborn’s presence.

Allows detection of enemies that are not yet active, such as animunculi and Falmer who are still within their structures and waiting to ambush.


The Translation of the three words used are:

Laas – On this sacred ground did Fredo sacrifice her life so that her many children could escape and someday vanquish her enemy

Yah – Here lies Yngnavar Ghost-Bear who did seek glory on (the) battlefield of sorrow, but instead found death and dishonour.

Nir – Here fell (the) fearless archer Undveld, servant, slayer, wolf, and lord of (the) Great Hunt.




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