Steamworld Dig (PS4)

Hello, people, It’s been a while since I’ve done a review but here goes this Is the game that I’m playing at the moment on the PlayStation so I will give it talk down and tell you all about It.

What Is the Game?….

Steam World Dig is a 2D platform game that revolves around mining for resources and ores. The objective of the game is to investigate the mines underneath the old Western town Tumble-ton in order to unearth the secrets lurking below. You control Rusty, a steam-powered robot who is equipped with a pickaxe but can gain access to a variety of tools, such as a drill and dynamite. The player can upgrade the tools used for digging as progression is made in the game, besides health, the player also needs coal for light, and water for special abilities.


So I bought this game when It was on offer on the PS Store for about £3.99 and for what this game Is, It Is pretty good very adventurous and It has a variant of difficulty to the game which gives It that edge the game needs, plus the amount of power-ups there are to get for mining Is really good gives It more fun to play the game.


The only thing I don’t like about this game Is when you die on this game It takes half of your money for repairs now It’s not that bad but when you have about 1000 Gold It can be quite annoying all the mining you did for nothing.


Overall This game is quite fun and addictive and for £4 It’s not a bad buy.

3/5 Stars for this game

Thanks for reading this short but sweet review of the game hopefully will post some more stuff soon. (Trailer at the bottom)

Steamworld Dig Trailer

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