Marvel Tv Series (Netflix) 

Hello, people just thought I’d write a blog on the Marvel TV Series that are on Netflix and I’ve watched them In order and gotta say there is bloody good!

Daredevil – 2 Seasons of the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen trying to stop Kingpin and the Hand plus you get to see The Punisher.

Jessica Jones – A drunken P.I. with abilities that everyone would want to have as she takes on a blast from the past Killgrave.

Luke Cage – A tall bulletproof guy that is trying to take Harlem back to the way It was while trying to find out why he became bulletproof.

Iron Fist – Danny Rand a boy who supposedly died in a plane crash with his parents turns up 15 years later to get back his Family’s business while fighting The Hand and being the Iron Fist.

Okay so from watching these I literally watched all of these within a month between shifts at work and gotta say I enjoyed most of them the only one I had trouble getting into was Luke Cage, reason for me is that it took ages to get into and find out the background of Luke Cage but the fights were really good in the episodes.

The only thing now is waiting for The Defenders to be put on Netflix but not long now.

If you’ve seen them before then fair play to you for being the marvel geek you are if not give them a go you actually might enjoy them plus its a little different from seeing the usual heroes all the time.

The Defenders Start on 18th August.

Thanks for reading guys thought I would share my thoughts on this since I’ve just finished watching them all.

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