And The Premier Leauge Starts Again!  

Hello there guys and gals and it’s August and that means it’s the Premier Leauge Time!

These are the following teams in the 2017/18 league.

Now with Arsenal winning 4-3 against Leicester the other night makes me wonder if they’re going to turn up this season, however, this is my prediction on what the table will look like at the end of the season.

  1. Manchester City
  2. Arsenal
  3. Manchester United
  4. Chelsea
  5. Everton
  6. Tottenham
  7. Southampton
  8. Newcastle
  9. Liverpool
  10. Watford
  11. Stoke City
  12. West Brom
  13. Bournemouth
  14. Brighton
  15. Burnley
  16. West Ham United
  17. Leicester
  18. Huddersfield
  19. Crystal Palace
  20. Swansea

This is my prediction but who knows its only one week into the season!

Let me know who you think will win and where your teams will come to the table.

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