Stones of Barenziah

Okay, time for a Skyrim post I think.

Stones of Barenziah are a widely-scattered collection of twenty-four gemstones found in Skyrim each Stone is labelled as an “Unusual Gem.” Once the first stone is found, there will be a miscellaneous objective that activates and indicates that the next step is an appraisal.

With this being said once the first stone has been found a Quest will begin which is where you take the stone to an appraiser. After the appraisal, it is revealed that a total of 24 Stones of Barenziah exist the next quest is activated where you need to find the other 23 stones throughout Skyrim.

After handing in all twenty-four Stones of Barenziah, you are asked to recover the Crown of Barenziah from Tolvald’s Cave, the quest giver Vex reveals that the Crown of Barenziah is an item that enhances a thief’s ability. With the stones and crown in her possession, Vex says she can restore the paragon to its full strength.


After recovering the Crown of Barenziah Vex rewards you with the active effect and ability, Prowler’s Profit which greatly increases the chance of finding multiple precious gems in chests, burial urns, corpses etc. Furthermore, the fully-restored Crown of Barenziah sits on a special stand in the cistern portion of the Thieves Guild.


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