Tennis to the Face (PS4)

Hello, people, It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here but I am back with another mini review on this indie game I bought on the PlayStation a few days ago.

Okay, so this game was developed by 10tons Ltd and was released in 2015 on Steam and PS4.

What Is this Game?…

Well, this game Is called Tennis To The Face! and is a basic strategy where you have to try and use not as many items to knock down the opponent.

Here Is the bio on the game:

Help Pete Pagassi to save the city from an evil energy drink corporation Explodz. Knock out creepy clowns, evil riot police and other Explodz-addicted maniacs with a tennis ball in the face. Bounce the ball off walls to reach targets lurking in cover and watch them tumble. Trigger masterful chain reactions and watch the chaos unfold. Finally, enjoy the level finale in slow motion!


There are over 100 Levels to play in this game all different to each other making every level harder and making you think more before trying to complete It.


Okay so this game is all right for £2 I paid for It off the PlayStation store and it can kill some time If you’re bored however if you like Angry Birds then stick to that as Angry Birds is free the only difference with this is that its tennis and not birds.

But if you wanna give it a go for £2 It’s not that bad.



2 out of 5 Stars for this one just needs a little more exploring and difference but not bad guys keep up the work.

well, thanks for reading this review, It’s only a short one today but I’ll be back soon to write some more.

Steam – Tennis To The Face!

Trailer – Tennis to The Face!


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