The Darkness – Solid Gold

Hello boys and girls

It’s been a while since I’ve done a music blog so here’s one of the songs I’m listening to at the moment……THE DARKNESS!

Okay, so The Darkness has written a new album called Pinewood Studios which will be released in October however they have blessed us with two singles to keep us going which is All The Pretty Girls and Solid Gold and from both tracks, I’ve got to say they’re both as good as each other.

It has a Classic Rock sound to kick off the song which also has the same tone and feel as a Darkness song you can tell it’s them as soon as the song starts plus with Justin’s Voice it’s definitely The Darkness.,

It also has a catchy pre-chorus and chorus which gets you singing along, For Example: “And we’re never gonna stop

“And we’re never gonna stop
Shitting out solid gold”

I assume with the Lyrics Justin is trying to say that they keep making Solid Gold Tracks and from listening to this I would say he is Correct!

But the thing that sticks out for me is the solo that Justin perform’s as it follows what Dan is playing on guitar as well as the vocal range of Justin.


Plus they have done a Music Video for this song which is pretty good it features all the members it’s in one location for the duration of the video and includes a lot of Marshall Amplifiers which reminds me of some of their other music videos.


All in all this song is great and is making me want to listen to more, I have been a fan of The Darkness for years and it’s great to see them back doing what they do best.


Great song, Great Video and not listened to the album yet but I’m gonna say it will be a great album and I have no choice but to give this a 4/5 Stars Great work boys keep making Solid Gold Music!

Pinewood Drive out 6th October!


Thanks for reading people hope the blog wasn’t too boring for you but let me know what you think and what you want reviewing next would love to hear from my readers, anyway as usual links are at the bottom.

Solid Gold Video

Pre-Order Album Here!

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