IPhone X or IPhone 8/8s?

Hello, people!

Well it’s that time of year where Apple shows off their new invention of the next iPhone that comes available on the market, this year was very different though as instead of showcasing two phones they previewed three phones, the iPhone 8 and 8s and the iPhone X which celebrates the 10 year anniversary of iPhone’s being released.

Now with the next model up from the iPhone 7, the 8 and 8s are basically the same as the 7 with a few little upgrades which are normal for Apple, for example, New Processor chip, slightly different design and now wireless charging.


Now looking at the difference between the three models at the top which is the iPhone 7, 7 plus and 8 there’s not much difference between them now you can go compare these models on Apple’s website yourself as well, but I don’t see what the hype is over the new phone It Is practically the same phone just dearer plus for the 256GB model of the iPhone 8 is 949 for me that is a lot of money for the upgrade of wireless charging.

The way forward is either the iPhone 8s or X and apple have made that simple as they want people to buy the better phone as It’s more money but the more they can sell of the iPhone X will raise the completion of  the Samsung phones (Before you think I’m an iPhone user, not Samsung)

But another thing that makes me think is Apple behind is practically Samsung has had Face ID and wireless Charging for going on 2 years now and I think Apple needs to come up with something better to wipe out the market.

But moving on….

Untitled 2

Okay so these are the three new models compared against each other and there’s not much difference to be honest the thing that worries me the most with the iPhone X is what if the Face ID doesn’t work yeah you have a passcode on the phone as well but that would be a wasted feature if so, (Plus it failed in the showcasing of the actual phone) which is also another concern for Apple as they have received some bad press over that as well.

And what is this Super Retina Display how do you know It’s super it could be a lie and be the same as the normal Retina Display and charge you more.

Untitled 3

Here are the prices for the new phones bear in mind the prices shown for the iPhone 8 and 8s are the 64GB versions but once again the prices are too high for these phones I currently have a iPhone 7 on contract and I’m paying £45 a month for that so what Is It going to be for the iPhone X £60-70 a month maybe more.

I personally think Apple should sit back and design a phone that will blow the market up they need to sit a year out and make something great and not just upgrade the phones we have with little features and charge more.

I think I will stick with my iPhone 7 for now but If i do decide to upgrade It will be the iPhone X but I might actually wait till summer next year before I do anything.

But let me know what you think people I want to know your views and ideas on these new models of the iPhone.

Links at the bottom for the videos of each phone.

Thanks for reading.

iPhone X Video

iPhone 8 and 8s Video

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