Foo Fighters – Concrete and Gold

Well Hello, People!

Today’s the day Foo Fighters have released their ninth studio album and I’m going to give it a quick little review with me just listening to the album.

So for people who don’t know the Foo Fighters released a Single called Run back in June to promote the album along with a music video and If you’re a regular reader you’ll of noticed that I did a review on the song as it came out and did say I would review the album so here goes.


1. “T-Shirt” 1:22
2. “Run” 5:23
3. “Make It Right” 4:39
4. “The Sky Is a Neighborhood” 4:04
5. “La Dee Da” 4:02
6. “Dirty Water” 5:20
7. “Arrows” 4:26
8. “Happy Ever After (Zero Hour)” 3:41
9. “Sunday Rain” 6:11
10. “The Line” 3:38
11. “Concrete and Gold” 5:31

Okay, so I’m going to go through each track one by one.


So the first track on the album Isn’t a long track more like an introduction and a very good one with it kicking straight into “Run” But I feel this track has a Pink Floyd feel to the track with the acoustic intro and then kicking in with the guitars and drums.


So the song kicks in soft with gentle guitar work and vocals and builds up to the heavy drums, guitar and bass making it all come together just a big thrash session and another great song by the lads. I think the song is basically saying wake up and do something with your life before it’s too late, either way, this song was the perfect single for the album making people wait and want more.

Make It Right

This song is softer than run but still has the same impact plus the effects on the vocals within the chorus makes the song as well as the guitar work, It has a nice tone and has that grainy feel to it. Plus having a guest vocalist like Justin Timberlake on the album is very random for the Foo’s but It actually works.

The Sky Is A Neighborhood

The second single to the album when I heard this song for the first time I was watching the music video which was a good video but this song is also just as good and actually justifies being the second single to the album, has aggressive vocals and soft singing by the band in the background behind Dave’s singing the guitar work has a nice sound to it but does feel repetitive at times but still a good song.

La Dee Da 

This song has a lot of bass to being with and massive reverb on the vocals which gives this track a whole different side to It, along with the chorus of Dave screaming the vocals out piercing your ears with the music which makes you want to headbang a little. I would like to see this as the next single to promote the album but I don’t think It will be.

Dirty Water

This song is a soft one which your ears need after listening to La Dee Da to recover, this also has a guest vocalist on the track and she is called Inara George where she sings in the chorus. This song is a nice little piece of music and takes me back to thinking of the Skin and Bones session they did until you get halfway through the song where the drums and guitar kick in again giving you something to move your head too.


I think this song will become one of the popular songs on the album as I’ve listened to this song about 5 times now as It just flows so well the music and vocals just hit you all the way through the song as well as that guitar solo before Dave sings the chorus for the last time before the song ends.

Happy Every After (Zero Hour) 

This is the softest song on the album which features an acoustic guitar and Dave’s vocals, this song makes you feel so relaxed listening to it. And once again makes you feel like a Skin and Bone Session but the thing I like about this Is that the Foo’s hardly do soft songs anymore so It’s nice to see one every now and then.

Sunday Rain

This song fits so well as It just follows on from Happy Every After, plus it features Taylor Hawkins on the vocals and surprisingly Paul McCartney on drums! With this song, it doesn’t feel like a Foo’s song but this is why I like It as It’s so different plus to have Paul on drums for the song is pretty cool, also Taylor’s singing is spot on and actually cool that he is the main singer for a song as well. I feel this will be the next single for the album with it featuring Paul McCartney.

The Line

This song is another classic that just flows so well but I would say this song and the last song are the two song’s I’ve listened to the least at the moment but from what I’ve heard of the line Dave’s vocals are soft and clean no reverb or screaming and the music written for this song is very catchy.

Concrete and Gold

Now to me this song once again has a Pink Floyd feel to me don’t know why It may be where the song breaks down into pieces and the way Dave sings after each bit but It’s a good song to end the album with a minute of guitar feedback going quieter and quieter until you can’t anything and then you can hear Dave shout “Fuck You,.Daryl!” Which made me laugh to be fair I assume that’s a message for their Sound Engineer Darrell Thorp.

Which It’s nice To see the Foo’s still joke around.

Well, this is my little review of each song from the album and got to say It’s a great album by the Foo’s and definitely going to be some new favourites of this album.

That being said I’m going to give this album 4/5 Stars It’s a great album, has some great guests on the album and also I feel like the Foo’s have done a different way from the last two albums and once again It’s worked then again anything they write sounds good they always make sure of that.

Well done guys, Loved listening to this album and the CD is currently going into my car!


Well, Thanks for reading people let me know what you think of the album. (Links at bottom)

“Run” Music Video

“The Sky Is A Neighborhood” Music Video

Buy Here – Concrete and Gold

Foo Fighters Website

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