Train Journey’s 

Hello, people well I’m currently travelling on a train and what is it with train Journey’s and people being the way they are.

Anyway here are my top 5 hates on the journeys of trains!

1. The Job’s Worth

You get on the train with your ticket you sit down to put your luggage away and then the train conductor asks for your ticket and tells you that you have boarded to early as this is an on-peak train resulting in you buying another ticket or getting off at the next stop. Now this has happened to me once in my life and it was annoying as hell and cost me another £32 at the time 😑

2. Seat Reservations

If a seat is Reserved then you know someone is gonna come along and sit in it so don’t see why people feel the need to sit in them this happens to me all the time and is so annoying.

3. Delays

Now it is annoying how trains get delayed but there’s a reason behind it but the annoying thing about this is the other people travelling feeling the need to push past people getting to the platform or looking for another train and if the train is delayed or cancelled don’t panic there will be another one.

4. People with luggage bigger than anything!

Now I know some people can’t afford to go on holiday outside the country but that doesn’t mean pack about 5 bags and put them on seats so other people can’t sit down seats are for everyone, not just yourself.

And my last pet hates on train Journeys….

5. Drunk People on Trains!

Once again the drunk people always ruin the journey there loud, throwing things around, fighting, singing and some people may have finished work or just want to relax getting home but then this lot turn up now I’m not always a party pooper but I believe there are a time and place to have fun and get drunk and a train isn’t one of them.

Well that’s my little nag over and done with and my battery is gonna die on the train

Keep checking back for new posts!!

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