Liam Gallagher – As You Were 

Hello Boys and Girls

It’s been ages since I’ve written a blog so I’d best start catching up and writing a few.

So Liam Gallagher’s album has come out today and with me being an Oasis fan I’ve got to give it a cheeky listen and review.

So this is Liam’s first solo album outside Oasis and Beady Eye and for what I’ve listened to so far It’s not a bad album It’s mainly Acoustic songs but I’ll go through each song one by one.

Track Listing

1. Wall of Glass – First song I heard off this album when he released it as a single and what a song to kick open the album very punchy, upbeat and well it feels like an oasis song just a little.

2. Bold – A Nice Acoustic song which brings in the drums and guitars throughout the song with a simple but catchy chorus but also features bonehead from Oasis on which was a nice surprise.

3. Greedy Soul – The song kicks in with drums and guitar with a classic beat and a catchy chorus and has made me want to listen to it more and more.

4. Paper Clown – A Nice little acoustic piece which features Bonehead on Bass but with the intro to this song it feels like a Beatles influence just a little bit.

5. For What It’s Worth – My second favourite song on the album everything just fits so well on the song makes me wonder if this song is homage to Oasis losing there way in the business and the family spat they’ve had.

6. When I’m In Need – Introduction to this song is different feels like It’s played through a speaker being played back through headphones but the vocal range on this song is good as well as the strings that are played on this song.

7. You Better Run – A upbeat song with the classic saying “you better run you better hide” actually would say this would be in my top 5 off the album I’ve listened to this about 6 times now.

8.  I Get By – This song’s heavier than most of others kicks in with guitar and drums straight off the bat not a bad song not one of my faves and feels like an album filler to me.

9. Chinatown – This is a great song and brakes up the album and keeps you listening plus the guitar work is awesome actually makes this song so much and feels like another Beatles influence again.

10. Come Back To Me – A good little punchy tune, upbeat and vocals are high and low making it very different as well as the guitar solo in the middle of the song making it completely different than the other songs.

11. Universal Gleam – Nice little acoustic song which fits this album pretty well the vocals on this song are spot on.

12. I’ve All I Need – Nice song to end the album on (unless you’ve bought the deluxe edition) once again the vocals on this song are good showing that he can actually sing in different ways than the normal way he sings.

So far Liam’s done one music video to Promote the album which is Wall Of Glass which after watching the video it’s pretty good but I think It’s the actual song that makes the video which is weird saying but it does.

Okay so this album in my eyes is gonna get a 3/5 Stars, It’s a great album and actually nice to see Liam try the solo approach for a change instead of it being Noel all the time but the best thing about this album is that it is completely different to Oasis and Beady Eye  and feels like Liam is writing how he feels at times which isn’t a bad thing.

Good Album and would recommend it for any Oasis Fan and this will be in my car for a week or so driving to work and back.

Once again thanks for reading people how it wasn’t too boring for you and as usual Links are at the bottom.

Buy Here! – As You Were

Wall of Glass – Music Video

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