Noel Gallagher’s New Single!

Hello boys and girls

Well a few days ago I did a review on Liam Gallagher’s Album and now the other Gallagher has decided to release a Single to promote this new album, Who Build The Moon?…

Okay so the new single is called Holy Mountain and was released literally about 2 hours ago and from what I’ve listened to It’s a different approach to what he’s previously done featuring more instruments than usual and also having Paul Weller on the track doing the Organ which is a big feature.

This track is Fun, Catchy, Vibrant and I can see this being a popular radio song for quite a while and will most probably be one of Noel’s top songs that he’s created with the High Flying Birds.

Holy Mountain

Definitely looking forward to the new album In November now and I’ve already pre-ordered It.


Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds new album coming out on Friday 24th November, you got to give it a listen!

Holy Mountain (Sample)

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