The Darkness – Pinewood Smile

Hello People!

Today I’m going to review The Darkness’s Latest album Pinewood Smile, now I’ve been listening to this on and off for the past 2 days with working and gaming and I can say this album Is great to have In the background to listen to It has everything you need Rock, Soft, High Pitch Singing and some Jokey songs as well.

Track listing:

  1. All The Pretty Girls – Great song to kick In the album punches you right in your eardrum with the high vocals and drum work and also a very catchy song I was singing the chorus to this for a while, plus this was the first single and music video to promote the album back in July.
  2. Buccaneers of Hispaniola – Another great song that kicks straight In with the guitar and drums and Justin’s signature vocal range making you want to listen to more and more of the album, well It did for me. 
  3. Solid Gold – The second single and music video to promote the album and from the introduction of the song It feels so much like an old Darkness song giving you that Nostalgic feeling listening to some of their best songs but don’t treat It as an oldie as this song packs a lot into It and I can see why they had this as a single beautiful vocals and guitar work throughout the song. 
  4. Southern Trains – The third single from the album that was released in September this is in my eyes the first jokey songs on the album discussing how Southern Trains as useless and that they aren’t getting anywhere. That being said It’s still a great song and is so catchy and singable.
  5. Why Don’t the Beautiful Cry? – So with this track after listening to the first four tracks this is the first soft track on the album to give your eardrums a break but what a soft song It Is vocals, guitar and drums all fit perfectly on this song and even has a solo what more do you want?
  6. Japanese Prisoner of Love – Well now your ears have had a break back to the heavy songs kick straight in with the guitar work and drums with little effects on the music and reverb on the vocals giving this song a little edge and a soft intro to the chorus making this song very different.
  7. Lay Down with Me, Barbara – Kicking straight into the song from the previous one a little softer than the last one feeling like this will become a love Ballard In its own way feeling like a cheesy song with the guitar work, but The Darkness makes is epic in the way they always do.
  8. I Wish I Was in Heaven – This song features Justin’s Vocals a lot with the High Pitch but in a way, this makes the song noteworthy but it feels completely different to there usual stuff but it’s a nice change.
  9. Happiness – Now I feel like this has a jokey beginning with a child saying he has crapped himself but this song is amazing this is one of my favourites on the album is so happy, catchy and has everything you need in a song.
  10. Stampede of Love – The only acoustic track on the album and to end the album with a jokey song but it makes the album so well beautiful vocals and guitar work and there is a surprise ending on the song that ends the album.

Okay so with this all being said I’ve enjoyed this album a lot I’ve enjoyed it that much I’ve ordered the album on disc to put in the car for work (Usually download the album off Apple Music) So I’ve ordered the deluxe edition with four bonus tracks maybe some more jokey ones either way I haven’t enjoyed a British Band for a long time there haven’t been many artists from the UK that have been good on albums or if they have, they have one or two good songs and the rest are album fillers.

With this album I can say none of these tracks is album fillers they are all great, weird and wonderful in their own way but also I’ve listened to this on and off for the past 2 days and you can pick this album up from any song or even where you left it last and enjoy it as much as starting the album from the beginning again.


This being said I’m going to give this album a 5/5! I’ve enjoyed this album so much but has also made me remember how much I really liked the Darkness and would say this album comes second to Permission to Land (Sorry Boys you’ll never beat your first album)

Well Done Guys great album and will actually try and catch you on tour and see this album performed live in person.

img_8151Well, Thanks for reading this review peeps hopefully I’ll do a game review soon as it been ages and It looks like I’ve done only for music at the moment.

And as usual let me know what you think and links are at the bottom.

Amazon – Buy Here!

Solid Gold  – Video

All The Pretty Girls – Video

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