Big Nothing

Hello people!!!

It’s been ages since I’ve written A blog post so hopefully, I will get back on It as much as I can.

Now I and the girlfriend watched this film the other night (I know It’s a bit late) but gotta say it’s a pretty good film.

Okay so the plot is:

The film is set in a small Oregon town, where a brutal serial killer nicknamed the ‘Oregon undertaker’ has been murdering and mutilating young women. Now the main character which is David Schwimmer takes on a job in a call centre and meets Gus who is played by Simon Pegg and then they become friends and plot a heist to make 2 million through blackmail.

Now as we all know if your a fan of Simon Pegg there’s gonna be a Comedy side of the film mainly Slapstick and not saying what happens but it basically goes all wrong.

So for a film that was done in 2006 and with the casting it had I enjoyed watching this film and would recommend It to a Friends/ Simon Pegg fan.

Only thing I thought was a bit dull was the ending the film ended so fast and didn’t explain to much besides that it was fun!

3/5 Stars for this film, funny, has a story to it and the casting is pretty good and never thought seeing David Schwimmer and Simon Pegg in the same Film would be as funny.

Well thanks for reading people I will get back on blogging as soon as.

Also you can pick this film up quite cheap on amazon and other places!

Links at the bottom!

Trailer – Big Nothing Trailer

Amazon – Big Nothing DVD

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