Road Rage (Xbox One)

Hello people!

Its been ages and I mean ages since I’ve done a gaming review (I Blame Call of Duty 100%) but I saw this game while back and it reminds me so much of Road Rash on the PS1, So I had to buy it to see if I got that nostalgia feeling when playing.

But also hearing Soundgarden’s Song come on when the game started was awesome! (Links at the bottom as usual)

Anyway out with the old and in with the new let’s throw down the information on the game.

So this is an open world motorcycle racing/fighting game with 90 missions to complete and with over 8 bikes to unlock and every bike is customizable from the tyres, weapons and to the paintwork it sounds to be fun.

This game was made by Maximum Games and published by Team 6 and was released only a few days ago and for a next-gen game is quite cheap compared to other games. I paid £14.99 off Amazon for this but most places are selling this for £19.99 including the Xbox and PlayStation Store.

Okay so I’m only about 10 missions into this game but so far I’m enjoying It, It’s fun quirky and something to kill the time but if you’re a fan of the original Road Rash game you can see where they got the influence from especially with the front cover of the game.

But there are a few flaws in this game one being characters, you can customize your bike and weapons but not your character you can only select pre-made ones which are a bummer but not all too bad.

The soundtrack is bog standard nothing sticks out when playing this game with the music and is a shame really cause that’s the one thing that would have made this game that little more special.

Another thing is the graphics look really good in the art photos for the game but nothing like the actual game but they’re still good and still enjoyable. Also, it may be a few teething problems but the game has crashed on my Xbox 3 times during different races which is annoying cause I was first in all them! But It might need an update.

Now the biggest flaw is the driving its good but it doesn’t feel like your driving a car and more like a car the way it turns and approaches corners aren’t right but I’m still playing.

Okay, so from what I’ve said I’m going to give this game a 3/5 Stars It’s a fun crazy game driving a bike and knocking people off what more can you want!

I’m enjoying it and I’m still playing it and would recommend it to any Road Rash fan to give them the feels of that classic game.

Well done Guys and Gals at Maximum Games.

Once again thanks for reading people and as usual links are at the bottom!

Rusty Cage – Road Rash Intro

Game – Buy Here

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2 thoughts on “Road Rage (Xbox One)

  1. Thank you for writing this. I saw the game last night and wondered about picking it up (I bought Ruiner instead). I couldn’t find much coverage online so an actual review is useful. It sounds ok, and considering Road Redemption is out on PC and is coming to consoles early next year, I might give this one a miss.


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