5 Music Bands/Artists You Thought Wouldn’t Be Your Thing But Actually Is…

Hello Boys and Girls

Thought I would do a little blog post on Music while I’m currently waiting for the postman to deliver my new addition to the Xbox gaming.

So These are 5 Bands/Artists that I first saw and though not my thing until I actually gave them a listen and ago and then actually liking them completely.

5. The 1975 


So when I first heard about this band It was actually from a friend who introduced them to me and I was like there all right and left it at that as the whole image the lead singer was going for reminded me of The Cure/Robert Smith which made me think they will be around for one album and that’s it but then I listened to their EP’s in-depth and thought this is actually good music and not what my first thought was which was mainstream music. After listening to the EP’s I preordered their debut album and fell in love with it same with the second album it didn’t have the same feel as their debut but it was great music, especially from a local band where I’m from. And can’t wait for their 2018 album Music For Cars.

4. Tobias Jesso Jr.


Not sure where I heard his music but as soon as I heard the music I felt so relaxed his Piano playing is amazing and from hearing “How Could You Babe” I had to buy his debut album Goon and I would say It’s in my top 20 albums as it’s just so listenable it’s like butter melting on toast which for me is beautiful. The best thing about looking this guy up was that he has written songs for artists that are big now like Adele, Sia, Shawn Mendes, John Legend and Pink which just shows he doesn’t need to make songs for himself when he can be an awesome songwriter for others.

3. Ben Howard 

Ben Howard Portrait Shoot, London

With Ben Howard, I first heard his music on The Walking Dead and it was bugging me trying to find out what artist sang that song anyway I found it and bought the EP from iTunes straight away and was listening to it for a few days until I found out that he had another 2 albums before this EP so I had to do a little Amazon shopping both albums are different in their own way and just speak out to you as your listening to them and I will be looking forward to new music hopefully coming soon.

2. Sky Ferreira 


This one is an unusual one of how I came across her as I’ve never heard of her as I’ve seen a few of her songs on Spotify but never gave them a look over and scrolled past them until I heard her version of Easy by The Commodores in Baby Driver which I love that version of the song It doesn’t beat the original with Lionel singing “Hello” to a blind lady (Not sure what they were thinking back in the 80’s) but this version of the song made me check her other stuff out which is not bad and I can see her becoming an upcoming artist.

1. The Weeknd 


Okay so a friend sent me a link to his stuff and I listened to it and thought that isn’t for me and I left it there but then I listened to his version of Dirty Diana by Micheal Jackson which was so Powerful and strong you could feel the passion in the song as he was singing it which made me give him another go so I picked up Trilogy off ebay for about £5 which was a bargin at the time and the first track came on “High for This” and from then onwards I’ve been hooked on The Weeknd when his second album came out Kissland I bought it from HMV straight away took it home and ripped it to my phone and listened to it from start to finish it was a good album but it is not my favouite work by him.

Then Beauty Behind The Madness came out which was back on point but a lot of people said he went main steam which in a way he did but those songs are awesome and always played on the radio which is what as an artist and musician wants is fame, money and to be noticed. My personally I love the album and will randomly put it on for the sake of it to pass time.

Then his latest album came out Starboy which once again blew away the competition but also gave another look at The Weeknd in a different way, plus to have Daft Punk produce a song of yours is an achievement in itself but the song that stood out for me on that album was False Alarm I’ve listened to that song about 2000 Times and that’s not over exaggerating. Plus the amount of features he’s had on other people’s songs and albums is getting him a lot of remissions.

Anyway these are my 5 Artists that You Thought Wouldn’t Be Your Thing But Actually Is but I wanna know what are your artists or singers that you didn’t think would be your kinda music but actually is.

Let me know in the Comments section and Thanks for reading people how it wasn’t too boring for you.

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