Who Build The Moon?

Hello Boys and Girls and today I’m going to be giving my views and thoughts on Noel Gallagher’s new album Who Build The Moon?

So I bought this from HMV the other day not a bad price for the deluxe edition only £12 shame there’s only one bonus track and a art booklet your paying for but we are here for the music.

Okay so I listened to the interview that Noel did with Elton John and Elton said that this album was a “banger” and I would say he was right in a way there are a few album fillers in my eyes but we will get onto that in a moment, I’m a big fan of Oasis and Noel’s solo stuff and the last two albums had a few “bangers” on them so lets see what this album has to offer.

1. Fort Knox

Basically a introduction to the album not much singing on the track until the end of the song, this song I would say is a album filler but it was used to promote the album before the first single was released.

2. Holy Mountain

The first single for the album and what a single its so different and creative compared to the usual songs feels like The Jam, Bowie put together in a blender with a hint of Noel.

3. Keep on Reaching

Catchy track with the drums and trumpets used in the song along with Noel’s guitar playing that makes this an unusual song and feels like a different band again on this track.

4. It’s a Beautiful World

For me this song was a little dull and repetitive with the chorus no change or anything makes me feel like its a album filler but I like the different effects on the vocals and song giving it a little edge.

5. She Taught Me How To Fly

Great song all round besides Holy Mountain this is the second most played song on the album for me it’s so different and vocals are clean and clear with a punchy chorus and beat making this a “Banger”

6. Be Careful What You Wish For

The first Acoustic song on the album kicks straight in with the vocals and guitar work and flows quite well, very listenable and maybe a message to someone in the song maybe?

7. Black & White Sunshine

I like this song the guitar work reminds me of The Smiths which is another band that Influenced Noel but also is another band I like but this song is pretty good but definitely reminds me of The Smiths.

8. Interlude (Wednesday Part 1)

Once again I see this as an album filler but the guitar work is nice on this relaxing and chilled specially with the synth and drums on the track.

9. If Love Is The Law

Very different again with the bells it has a Xmas feel to it but the guitar work is good nice catchy beat to listen to and the vocals are clean and listenable and a all rounder on the song.

10. The Man Who Build The Moon?

This song feels like its the ending of the album the way the song starts but then punches in the vocals and guitar work, it’s a good song with some catchy lyrics to sing to same as Holy Mountain this song is in a lower tone a more mellow tone or octave down than the usual stuff.

11. End Credits (Wednesday Part 2)

Basically the ending of the first interlude same as before really nice work on the instruments but nothing special.

12. Dead In The Water (Live)

This song is brilliant and is a shame that it’s recorded live would of been good on the album and not as a bonus track but the acoustic track is amazing and the vocals remind me of Talk Tonight that he did in Oasis which is one of my favourite tracks by Oasis.

So this album is it worth buying? If your a fan of Oasis and Noel then yeah I would give it a go, if not I would go for his first solo album and work up to get the feel for this album as it’s completely different to his usual work, which is not a bad thing but it was a risk to take was it a good risk?

I would say so I’m still listening to the album may only be a few tracks that stand out but its all right.

3/5 Stars for this work some Bangers on this album and is not a bad go for something different.

Well thanks for reading people I will hopefully post some more before Xmas hits us.

Let me know what you think about this album or what you want me to do next

Cheers Peeps!

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