Evil Apples – App Review

Hey Peeps

Today I’m going to be reviewing this game that I’ve been playing with my friends and Girlfriend and it’s a blast. It’s called Evil Apples and basically, it’s Cards Against Humanity but on your phone and you can play it online or locally with your friends or other people around the world.


So with this game, you can have up to 5 players playing at one time but must have a minimum of 3 people playing, you will get 7 random cards to choose from to go with the card that is in play each round you will get a new card to replace the one you used. Now the subjects from the cards can be from Pokemon, Christmas, Sex, Woman, Football and so on some of the cards are not appropriate at times but this is what makes the game more funny and enjoyable.

There are Microtransactions on the game but it’s not a game where you have to buy them to gain new cards if you have the patience of a saint and can be savage with your card choices you will get the coins needed to buy the packs you want. The only flaw with this game will be the adverting within the game as it’s too much in my eyes but I can understand why with it being a free game but if you have £2 spare and get sick and tired of the advertising then it’s a good option.552x414bb (1)

So I only downloaded this game last night and it’s been a blast playing it so far, I’ve only won 3 games out of the 20-25 games we played but it’s great it pasts the time but also this can be used at a party or a friendly gathering.

I’ve given this 5/5 Stars due to the fun and laughter I’ve had from this game and I’ve only had it one day!


Well Done Guys (Oh I didn’t mention that this was made by two guys who weren’t currently at work and made this app in their Kitchen!)

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Thanks for reading peeps, as usual, the links will be at the bottom!

Evil Apples Twitter

Download on IOS

Download on Android

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