2017 Review of Music, Film and Games!

Hello people!

2017 is Gone! and we are now starting 2018! but before we run ahead and begin 2018 let’s take a look back at some Music, Film, and Games!


Album of the year

Okay, so the album of the year that has been Nominated by many sites and people is Ed Sheeran’s Divide, which is a brilliant album don’t know how he makes songs like he does put it shows he puts a lot of effort into his work.

But my choice for album of the year is Khalid – American Teen I’ve listened to this album about ten times through now and it gets better and better and I don’t want to compare him to anyone but I do think he’s like Frank Ocean a little put that is my choice for music.


Artist of the year 

Now for this one, Bruno Mars got the Award in America for this which I do not agree with, now don’t get me wrong he’s a good artist and songwriter but you only heard of him when his album released. For me is the Foo Fighters they made an album and toured all year plus I know it was the end of 2016 but they even gave us a free EP what more do you want from Music.


Game of the year 

Okay so a lot of people and a lot of Gaming awards have given this title to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild not I have played previous Zelda’s but I haven’t got round to given this one a go so I can’t really say much on this title but My choice for game of the year is Horizon Zero Dawn.

Now the reason I chose this game out of all the other games that came out was that this game was developed so well and was so complex plus it was nice to see the makers of Killzone go a different way.

Film of the year

Now a lot of sites and people have said Get Out was film of the year me personally I haven’t seen It but the trailer looks really good but for me the film of the year has to be Dunkirk that film was so powerful and gave you the message it should about the war and for me it had everything you want in a film and I even went the cinema to watch it.

And these are my choices for Music, Games and Films just a quick little blog post will write some more in the next few days but before I sign off….

Smartphone of the year?

Well with all the phones that have been released the one that I always see people use and hear a-lot of good things about is the Samsung S8, now as a iPhone user you would be disappointed that iPhone didn’t get the best smartphone but apple need to sort them selves out if you really think about it £1000 for the iPhone X where the S8 is £799, £200 difference plus the whole slowing down your phones update well yeah i can see why Apple flustered they have basically thrown shit in the fan and its blown right back at them.

But saying that I will most probably stay with apple.

Well thanks for reading peeps only a short blog today but let me know what your best of’s are for 2017.

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