Darkest Hour

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Today I’m going to be doing a Movie review on Darkest Hour, I’ve literally just seen this in the cinema about an hour ago and I got to say this film was brilliant short summary basically is that it kept to the facts of what actually happened and stayed to the roots of it all, even though this is a dark moment of our British history there were a few light moments within the film to keep it alive and the top of it was Gary Oldman played an incredible part don’t think anyone else could have done a better job.

Anyway the long summary….



In May 1940 Britain and France are Allies in World War II against Nazi Germany. Before the German invasions of Belgium and the Netherlands, the Opposition Labour Party in Parliament demands the resignation of British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain for being too weak to protect national security. Chamberlain tells Conservative Party advisors that he wants Lord Halifax as his successor, but Halifax does not yet want to become Prime Minister. Chamberlain must choose the only other man whom other parties will support: Winston Churchill, the First Lord of the Admiralty.

Churchill had a poor reputation from the Gallipoli Campaign, his opposition to Indian self-government and his support for Edward VIII during the Abdication Crisis, Parliament dislikes the new Prime Minister’s first speech promising “Blood, toil, tears and sweat” and Churchill refuses to negotiate for peace. Against the advice of the War Cabinet, Churchill orders Brigadier Claude Nicholson in Calais to lead the 30th Infantry Brigade in a suicide attack to distract the enemy while the soldiers at Dunkirk are evacuated in Operation Dynamo.

The defeat in France causes the War Cabinet to support negotiating with Germany; even Eden declines to speak up in Churchill’s favour. Churchill reluctantly allows Halifax to speak to Bastianini. George VI unexpectedly visits Churchill; the King, not wanting to flee to Canada and rule in exile should Britain be invaded, encourages the Prime Minister to continue the war.

Churchill prepares to address Parliament, while Halifax demands that an increasingly reluctant Chamberlain continue their plan to depose him. Towards the end of his speech, Churchill proclaims that “We shall fight on the beaches” should the Germans invade which Conservatives applaud the Prime Minister’s defiance.

With all this said the film was very good stayed to the truth of the History the same as Dunkirk did and with the film only being 125 Minutes it has a lot packed into a little amount of time but once again I have to say Gary Oldman played a brilliant part in this film so much so I can see why this film has been awarded Best Actor but also nominated Best Film as well as Best British Film.


But also we can not forget Kirsten Scott who played Churchill’s Wife and Lily James who played Elizabeth Layton the Typist and personal secretary for Churchill. whoever did the casting for this film did a really good job these actors/actresses played amazing parts and I would say gave Churchill a very good Image of what he actually did for this Country in its time of need.

Also, this film has only been out for a week and so far it is estimated to have brought in £61 Million so far making this a success with having a Budget of £30 Million to make the film.

All in all, I’m going to give this Film a 4/5 Stars I really enjoyed watching this film and would recommend it to anyone who loves History, War or is a general fan of Gary Oldman.


Well thank for reading people hopefully wasn’t too boring for you and more posts to come soon 🙂

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