Fortnite Vs Playerunknown Battlegrounds!

Hello Boys and Girls

Okay, so today I’m going to Discuss Fortnite and Player Unknown Battlegrounds and to which one I think Is the better game to play amongst your friends. So for this post, I have played both games on the Xbox console to make it fair so no graphics enhancements have been in a play or anything like that if you’re on PC.

So I originally bought Fortnite a while back when it was on the Early Access stage of the game and played the game with a few friends playing the story mode this was way before the Battle Royale mode was available and I enjoyed playing it and I even blogged about the game last year and still I enjoy playing this game It’s fun, quirky and not too serious and you can just have a laugh with your friends or on your own.


With PUBG I bought it the day it came out I got the code from Game got home entered the code on the Xbox and downloaded it with all the updates and well it was awful it was laggy, the textures are horrible the graphics were lagging behind you and it felt awful to play I remember playing it for about 15 minutes and turning it off it was that bad. But I waited for the updates to present itself over the months to hopefully improve the game and it’s not so bad now still laggy and textures are not quite right but it’s playable.

The reason behind PUBG as I did some research into why it’s so laggy and horrible to play is that on PC it runs at 60FPS where Xbox is 30FPS. This is a big deal as everything is running slower on the Xbox compared to the PC version making sense to why it’s a no go.

But there isn’t all negative’s to PUBG the main advantage is that they have Vehicles you can drive in the game, the weapons are more realistic as well as building structure and the map is definitely bigger than any other Battle Royale game out there.


But with fortnite there are improvements they can do as well as their game isn’t perfect main thing for them is trying to pick up a weapon as it lags when doing so or just doesn’t pick up the weapon so if your in a rush your basically going to be in trouble also the building mechanics of the game are great but would need a bit more improvement to get it to be great.

In my eyes out of the two games, I would choose Fortnite reason because I feel they have done a better job at making this game mode I know PUBG was one of the first gaming companies to make this mode famous but I just feel they rushed this game out to make money on the Xbox as well as PC it may run better on PC but I’ve tried these games on Xbox plus for the price of PUBG I wouldn’t pay for it and I wouldn’t recommend the game at this time, It needs alot of imrproving before I would play it again as I feel I was robbed of £25 for what It Is.


But what do you think? Is PUBG better for you? Fortnite?

Let me know in the Comments section.

Thanks for reading peeps.

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