3 Video Games to Play with your loved ones on Valentines Day

Hello Boys and Girls

And I will start off by saying Happy Valentines Day! today should be all about loving your partner and showing how much you really love them no matter what, or it can be the one day you play Video Games with them whoop their ass and arguments will occur but hopefully it won’t get to that stage but I have the 3 games that will help you get through Valentines Day if your Single or just want to play games but your partner won’t let you so you suggest these local Multiplayer games.

1 Mario Kart 8


What can I say everyone loves Mario Kart it’s easy to play their loads of characters to choose from and that satisfaction of winning at the end of the race and seeing your opponents get annoyed with you, it’s a great game and you can lose hours on end in this game playing your partner or loved ones plus winning makes it all that more satisfying.


2 Portal 2 


This game is a masterpiece in itself I loved playing these games by myself but if you can get a 2nd player for the co-op mode then it’s even better so what more would you want than playing this game with your loved one shouting at the tv getting these puzzles right and mashing your brains together to get them complete.

How about breaking the curse and make Portal 3?….

3. Cuphead


What more do you want than Cuphead, Mugman and 1920 Cartoon gaming me personally not a lot this game was flawless and I would say is at the moment one of the hardest games around (If not counting Dark Souls) and the best Local Multiplayer game as well. I can see myself shouting the house down with the number of level replays I’d have to do in this game, let alone playing it with another player!


Well, this is my short blog on Gaming on Valentine’s day but what games would you consider on this loving day?

And Happy Valentines Day!



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