The Flame in the Flood

The Flame in the Flood 

Released on – Xbox One, PlayStation, PC, Nintendo Switch (2017)

Hours Played – 3 Hours

Hello, boys and girls and today I’m going to be reviewing a game called The Flame in the Flood. Now I bought this on PlayStation when it was cheap, it was about £3.99 I saw the trailer for it and had to buy it as I loved the idea of trying to survive and also riding a raft in the water but more about that in a moment.

So the game was developed by The Molasses Flood which is an independent company which have helped develop games like BioShockHalo 2, and Rock Band and was released on all consoles but the Nintendo Switch on 17th January 2017 the Nintendo Switch version came available in October that year.

So gameplay for this game is who are a young girl named Scout and her only companion is a dog called Aesop and they can sense danger and fetch supplies for you. Scout uses a raft to traverse a large river which is the result of an apocalyptic flood which has turned the land into a series of islands. The player must pay attention to Scout’s needs such as her energy, thirst, hunger, and warmth, and not be paying attention to them can result in death.


Okay so I’ve played this game for about 3 hours and from what I played it was a great game I love the whole survival idea of the game it’s very creative and fun but also it is a challenge to keep scout happy and well plus the customization of the game is also great as you can build pretty much anything for your raft as well as clothes, weapons and food.

With this game, I would say that the developers put a lot of time in this game to make it the way they did it is great and they have got the ideas from other games and made them their own as well.


The only thing I would say is a flaw is the controlling of the raft but I would say it’s suppose to be like that to match the current flow and strong wind of the river to make it feel like your actually rowing in the raft to your next destination.


Besides that, though I think it’s a great game, great video cutscenes, great gameplay and great story and customization I’m going to be giving this game a 4/5 Stars It’s a fun little game that can past time but also makes you think about survival plus the soundtrack is great as well which makes the game that little bit more enjoyable.


Well, thanks for reading peeps hopefully will do a few more blogs before I go back to work so keep checking back here to see updates.

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Buy Here! (PC)

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