PS Now and Xbox Game Pass Are They Worth It?…

Hello Warriors! (Err Might Work Better Than Saying, Girls and Boys, all the time)

And today I’m going to discuss PS Now and Xbox Game Pass Subscriptions with you and whether I think they are worth the money or not.

Okay so before I start I got the 7 day trial for both systems in place and have played 3 games on both systems, not the same games cause well that would be boring but different games to see how well they played. So I’ve played on each system for a day each with the 3 different games anyway those games were:

PS Now

Dungeons 2 (PS4), Fallout 3 (PS3) and Overlord (PS3)


Xbox Game Pass

Sunset Overdrive (XB1), Fable Anniversary (Xbox 360) And Resident Evil 0 (XB1)


Okay so before I start I do have a confession to make I do actually own Sunset Overdrive as it was a free game with Gold last year but I never downloaded it so this is why I decided to try it through the Xbox game pass.


Okay so PS Now is £12.99 a month for there service compared to Xbox Game Pass at £7.99 a month so there is a £5 difference already between the systems which is a little frustrating if you only own a PlayStation cause with PlayStation you can’t play PS3 games unless they’ve been remastered and released on the PS Store to buy or unless you use PS Now once again Xbox got the upper hand as for a while the backwards compatability is available for Xbox 360 games and if you already own them on disc or bought them back on the 360 you can just download them and play.

In a way, Sony should just let people play their PS3/2 games like Microsoft let people play their 360 games they would make more money but as Sony says the software is too advanced to play old games on the system unless there streamed.

But back to the discussion in hand Xbox’s subscription service is £5 Cheaper than Playstation’s which makes me move towards Microsoft more than to Sony.


This is where it gets interesting though as PS Now has over 500 games to Stream to your console whereas Xbox Game Pass only has 174 games (please bear in mind this was at the time of writing this blog) looking at it Sony’s catalogue is pretty impressive to have over 500 games available for people to play just like that, Xbox only has 174 which isn’t that bad it’s still good but this most probably explains the prices of the services at the moment.

Playing the games?…

Okay so starting with Xbox I got the 14-day trial pass and I looked through the games first one I saw was Fable Anniversary and I was like “Yeah playing that” I clicked on it and had to download it so 7GB download took an hour wasn’t so bad and started playing it and the nostalgia came back and I enjoyed every minute plus achievements for a classic game made it so much better, then I downloaded Sunset Overdrive and that was 22GB now that took a while which was annoying as I just wanted to play the game but it downloaded and I played it no problems it’s an okay game nothing special and that’s also the same with Resident Evil downloaded it 8-9GB and played it no problems at all not a bad service for the £8 3 games that would have cost me around £40.

So the PlayStation I signed up for the 7 day trial which I thought could have been 14 days like Xbox but I wasn’t going to cry over it looked through the games and there was a lot of choices anyway I saw Dungeons 2 now I’ve been wanting this game for ages and just haven’t got round to buying it so I tried that I clicked Play thinking it would download the game but no it took 5 mintues and it was streaming it to my console this blew me away I didn’t have to download the game or wait for updates it was ready to go as soon as I pressed Play game which to me is impressive however there are a few down sides to this.

One being you can’t access the PlayStation home screen or any features while playing this game so basically it plays through an emulator which isn’t much of a big deal I don’t mind that, the next thing being you can’t record, screenshot, or stream the game your playing on the service which sometimes I like to get screenshots for my Twitter or Instgram (No Plug Intended) to share with My Warriors! (There’s that word again?) But once again it’s not a biggie it’s not gonna make me cancel the service. The main issue for me was sometimes the connection would go my internet isn’t the best but if there was a problem a little box would come up in the right-hand side saying the connection is weak which is a nice feature on Sony’s behalf.

Anyway, I played the other two games Fallout 3 and Overlord which gave me more Nostalgia but also was fun playing the trophy support is there playing these games and you get them no problem they sync to your account like you actually own the game.

image (1)

With this being said both services are great but the one that got my attention more was PS Now, it is more expensive but the number of games to play and no downloads come on that’s a winner right there I love Xbox and Xbox will be my main driver for gaming but Sony won this battle on the capability of what can be done.

But what do you think?..

Let me know in the comments and once again thanks for Reading!


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