Tomb Raider (2018)

Hello Warriors!

Today I went to see Tomb Raider in the Cinema with Glitzy Warrior and thought I would give me view on the film.

Now I’ve played Tomb Raider games but not the latest releases so only Angelina Jolie/PS1 Era Films and games but from what I’ve been told this film follows the 2013 Release of the self Titled game so correct me if I’m wrong.

Okay so the plot is:

Following the disappearance of her father Richard, Lara Croft lives a reckless and carefree life as well as being in debt with her boxing club.

When she is arrested after a bike accident involving a police car, Richard’s business partner Ana Miller posts her bail and warns her that if she does not claim her inheritance, her father’s estate will be sold off.

Lara reluctantly accepts and comes into possession of the key to her father’s office. There she finds a pre-recorded message from Richard detailing his research into Himiko, the mythical Queen of Yamatai who was said to command the power over life and death.

According to the myth, Himiko was capable of killing people by simply touching them, and one day, her generals chained her up and sent her to a remote island to be buried alive, so that she could harm no one anymore. Richard warns Lara to destroy all of his research but Lara decides to investigate further.

And that’s where I will leave it as I don’t want to ruin the film for anyone but from reading that and seeing the trailer I was interested in seeing the film but not as much as Black Panther.


Okay so I’m only going to talk about the main Character and one other person cause Spoilers Duh!

Alicia Vikander – Lara Croft

Whoever cast her for the part did a brilliant job she fits the bill and looks Exactly like the video game version of Lara as well plus I’ve not seen her in anything else myself so it was nice seeing someone new and different playing the role.

And the other Character I’m going to talk about is someone who I love seeing in films all the way from Shaun of the Dead to Hot Fuzz to The Boat that Rocked if that’s not enough clues I’ve give you the picture.

Nick Frost – Max the Gun Man


So my thoughts of the film? Well I went into the film not expecting much and not excited about watching it to coming out of the pictures gripped to the film. This film was action packed kept you enticed and wanting to know what happens next but also tied up all the strings and didn’t lose what the film actually was.

Plus it’s made me actually want to play the new games and see what they’re like as well and to see if the film does follow the games.

I’m giving this a surprising 5/5 I really enjoyed this film and kept me entertained and didn’t lose my attention and is making me going to buy the games tomorrow.

But what do you think? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading Warriors! And as usual the links are below.

Tomb Railer Trailer


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2 thoughts on “Tomb Raider (2018)

  1. Well that IS surprising. I may get around to watching this at some point. I will say though, the film logo and Lara are position so that it looks like the film is called Temp Raider which certainly gave me a chuckle.


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