The Weeknd – My Dear Melancholy

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Today I’m going to be reviewing The Weeknd’s Latest release My Dear Melancholy which was released yesterday.

So this Extended play was released on 30th March 2018 and was released through his own record label XO with the help of Republic Records on publishing and is solely produced by Frank Dukes who is known for his work with other artists like Drake, Future and Kayne West.

So this E.P contains six tracks and only two features on the album, Gesaffelstein

  1. Call Out My Name
  2. Try Me
  3. Wasted Times
  4. I Was Never There (Feat. Gesaffelstein)
  5. Hurt You (Feat. Gesaffelstein)
  6. Privilege

So let’s go through track by track.

Call Out My Name

Okay so this song kicks off the EP and is very dark and gloom which dates back to this Trilogy days but this track is basically referring to his relationship with his Ex-Girlfriend Selena Gomez which he dated for 10 months and even at one point help her battle suffering from Lupus and cancelled a few shows on this Legends of the fall tour to be with her explaining the lyrics “Put her on top” but this also could mean in a sexual way and be being rough but lets go with the first option. But this song is great it has a great vibe to it and flows well but then again anything Abel puts his hands on sounds great.

Try Me 

This track is a lot lighter on its feet compared to Call Out My Name and is a little more upbeat but the genre of the song features Abel’s trademark somber and haunting sound and tone as he attempts to convince a previous lover to leave her current partner for him. However, this could also be another diss track with the “Him” in question being none other than Justin Beiber as Selena Gomez left for almost immediately after breaking up with Abel.

And a great song to follow on from Call Out My Name.

Wasted Times

Okay, so this track was produced by Skrillex as well as Frank Dukes this track is the same upbeat feel as Try me but with a touch from Skrillex, so the first two lines of the song say it all “Wasted times I spent with someone else, She wasn’t even half of you” these lines are likely addressing his two recent exes Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid. It appears that Abel is claiming that the time he spent with Selena was “wasted.” He could have spent it with Bella instead, who he also appears to be suggesting is twice the woman than Selena is. The track itself is great and I would say is My favourite one on the EP the beat is catchy and it’s just something you can chill too.

I Was Never There (Feat. Gesaffelstein)

So this track features lyrics and production from the French DJ and producer Gesaffelstein. So this song goes downbeat again and starts with gloom lyrics “What makes a grown man wanna cry? What makes him wanna take his Life? ” which I believe is reverting back to unhealthy coping patterns as in previous song videos “Starboy” and “False Alarm” The Weeknd either kills himself or is being killed by his companion which is showing signs of suicidal ideation. Is this a sign that The Weeknd is gonna kill his image again for a new album? Only time will tell but this track is slower than the others with a clear singing voice and a slow soft mellow beat.

Hurt You (Feat. Gesaffelstein)

Okay, the beat is actually provided by one half of Daft Punk and mixed with the help of Geasaffelstein and I feel the way Abel sings on this track is the same flow as “Pray for me” which was done for the Black Panther Soundtrack. The meaning of this song is he’s trying to warn woman who is seemingly in love with him while she looking for love he is not. And he continues his theme of being emotionally unavailable as with the majority of the music he created in the Trilogy era. The song itself is a Part 2 to I Was Never There and listening to this track feels like he’s just gone back to the good old days of the Trilogy album.


And the last track on the EP seems like another track addressing his relationship with Selena Gomez, with this song I like the reference to the Matrix with the Blue and Red pills where Morpheus gives Neo the choice of both pills where the red pill is facing reality and the blue pill is living in ignorance. The difference with this is that he is using the reference to re-embrace his past with pills in addition to drinking alcohol to cope with the end of his relationship. Another reference in this song is a line he used which is another Candian techno group Peaches “Fuck the pain away” which he is showing how he will deal with the breakup.

The song is a great outer track and basically the 6 tracks feel like a story he’s told about his relationship, breakup and recovery and I can see this album becoming very popular due to this as everyone goes through breakups, depression and just feeling down I for one have been there in the past and the album touched me when I was listening to it and for listening to it for the fourth time it’s still not getting boring or blend.


I enjoyed the album or Extended Play however you want to see it I feel this is just the beginning of what his new album will be like and also feel like this is Trilogy Part 2 or maybe that’s on the way.


  • Great Album.
  • Great Beats.
  • Meaningful Lyrics.
  • Touches a Subject where We’ve all been before or know someone who has.


  • To Much diss tracks
  • Left me wanting to hear more though.

I’m giving this album/EP 4/5 Stars I feel it deserves it and it’s nice to hear fresh music from this guy.


Well, thanks for reading Warriors! but more importantly, what do you think? Let me know in the comments and as usual, Links are at the bottom.

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