Later Levels Question of the Month – April 2018

Hello Warriors

Okay, so I’ve not done one of these Questions of the Month’s before and I thought It’s time that I took part and did one as I’ve been following Later Levels for a while now and their blog always has a good read.

So the question this month was: Which three video game characters would you choose to help you survive the apocalypse? The type of apocalypse and enemy you’ll encounter will depend on your birthday…

Month Disaster Date Enemy
January Nuclear winter 01-03 Sentient AI
February Asteroid 04-06 Mutants
March Flood 07-09 Raiders
April Ice age 10-11 Robots
May Volcano 12-14 Vampires
June Overpopulation 15-16 Zombies
July All-out war 17-19 Aliens
August Disease 20-21 Mother Nature
September The Rapture 22-24 Insects
October Solar flare 25-26 Graboids
November Plague 27-29 Plant-life
December Mass drought 30-31 Killer Tomatoes

And this Question was set by Nathan Wall and is not a bad question as well got a lot of thinking to do and choose.

Okay so my birthday is in November so I got stuck with the Plague and my Enemy is Plant-Life which you think that should be easy but it’s not as you have to think of 3 Characters to help you survive the apocalypse which is quite hard.

But I think I may have found My three game characters to help me out,

  1. Pyro – Team Fortress 2 


Okay so the reason I chose Pyro is basically caused he loves Fire and what best to kill this Plant-Life that’s in my way than a big Flamethrower and a guy that loves to burn things plus his movement speed is still at 100% with a big tank on his back providing the fire, as well as that he has a secondary which is a Shotgun so if all fails he could just shoot the plants and anything that is infected by them in a blink of an eye and for a Melee weapon he’s got a Fireaxe which he can chop down the plants at close range, this Character would be my first choice cause he’s a badass.

2. Reptile – Mortal Kombat 


Okay, so Reptile from Mortal Kombat is my second Choice reason being he shoots Acid from his mouth he can burn the Plant Life away without even touching it but not only that he can disappear and reappear in an instant like a Chameleon so he can sneak up on the enemy without them knowing he was there.

But also his skin is resistant and tough like a Reptiles giving him the advantage of CQC (Close Quarters Combat) giving the edge against the enemy but also gives Pyro the distance and time he needs to fire up the Flamethrower making these a good duo fighting force.

3. Mario – Super Mario Bros 


Okay so my last choice is Mario reason for this is cause who doesn’t love Mario plus with his Fire Flower he can throw fireballs at the enemy from a distance giving us an advantage not only that the number of other abilities he has that we can use can come in handy as we can use he can Fly, Throw Hammers, turn into paper! (Okay maybe not this one with Pyro around) but with the other skills, he could scout ahead for enemies while flying throw hammers at things that are in the way saving his fire for the plants and well squeeze into small spaces by becoming paper.

Plus there would be a more Comical side to having Mario on the team which will give the team a boost with it being the end of the world and all that.

Notable Mentions

Any of these Gaming Characters could have come on the End of the World tour with us but I could only choose three so these are the ones I chose first but I had to give them a mention below.

Charizard – Pokemon 

Samus Aran – Metroid Prime 

Leon Kennedy – Resident Evil 

Solid Snake – Metal Gear Solid  

Geralt – The Witcher 

image (4)

Well, these are the three I have chosen and a few Notable Mentions but what do you think?

Are my choices wise to take on the Plant Life that could be in our way?

Will we survive the Plague?

Will It be the end of us four?

Let me know what you think in the comments.

This has been fun I’ve not done this before and it was a good question to start me off so much love to Nathan Wall and Later Levels for the Question.

Hopefully, I will write a few more blogs before I go back to the Dreaded work but we all need money

Thanks for reading!


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