30 Seconds to Mars – America Review

Hello Warriors!

Today I’m going to be reviewing 30 Seconds to Mars’s Latest album America.

Okay, so the album was released on 6th April this year and has 12 tracks on the album and over 10 different Album covers to choose from. (I’ll upload the picture below without defacing it this time.)

3STM Album Covers Bandicoot Warrior

So I’ve not listened to a 3STM album since 2009 which was This is War so from the beginning of the album it was different and fresh and started off with Walk on Water which was the first song released as a single back in August 2017 so I’ve already heard this track a while back but it was a good start to the album even with the religion-themed song.

Moving into the next track Dangerous Night which was produced by Zedd we see the true vocal range of Leto’s voice soar within the electronically-tinged sound of the track.

Track 3 Rescue Me carries on with the Electronic vibe within the track with a plea of Jared asking for someone to rescue him.

One Track Mind is a dark and slower track on the album which features A$AP Rocky and an impressive guitar solo to match the beat and style of the song as well as being produced by Robopop giving us another Electronic song to ponder over. With this track, I can see it going big for the band maybe even the next single to promote the album.

The Next track is an Instrumental track called Monolith which just shows that 30 Seconds to Mars have not forgotten there roots in the music business but also I feel this song will be used on a TV Program intro it’s that good but this sound builds up momentum for the next song, Love is Madness a brilliant duet with Halsey that brings out the vocals once again within Leto as well as the band’s instrumental side.

Great Wide Open sees Leto swearing to God that he is the Devil going back to the same feel as Walk on Water with the religion-themed song.

Moving onto the next track Hail To the Victor has Leto asking everyone if everyone is crazy out there over a very addictive beat and upbeat song.

Going downtempo with the next track Dawn Will Rise has a message within the song saying we either change or die, maybe a hidden message for the change of the band’s style of music.

Remedy A nice Acoustic track on the album which is most probably my favourite track on the album at the moment very downbeat compared to other tracks on the album but Leto is searching for a remedy may be for a heartbreak or depression who knows he may still be looking.

Live like a Dream has a build up to a catchy sing long chorus with this upbeat song which wants you to sing along more and more the chorus is played.

And finally the outro track on the album Rider giving the album a closing point with Leto saying to the Lord he will miss him when he’s gone maybe a subliminal message of changing region or losing faith.

To Conclude

So the album named America like the country it’s named for is a good record but I feel they have lost their way changing Genres going from Rock to Electronics is a risk within the music business, however, it has been done successfully before and can be done again but I feel this album isn’t up to scratch with it done get me wrong I enjoyed listening to it as it was something different but I will always compare them to their older material. (I know I shouldn’t) but maybe change is good maybe another couple of listen throughs will change my mind.


  • Something Different
  • Great Vocal Range
  • Brilliant Guitar Solo (One Track Mind)
  • Has Different Genres on the album (Something for everyone)
  • Like the different Album covers
  • Remedy Sold the album to me


  • Few album fillers on here
  • Too much Electronic tracks in my eyes

So to conclude I’m going to give this album a 3/5 Stars not a bad album from the lads but for me wasn’t me thing compared to their old stuff but what do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

Bandicoot Warrior 3 Stars

Well thanks for reading warriors! Will hopefully do another blog tomorrow and as usual the links are below!

Buy Here! (Amazon)

Listen or Buy Here (iTunes)




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