Super Hot

Hello Warriors!

Today I’m going to discuss and review a game I’ve played recently called Super Hot.

Released – 25th February 2016

Hours Played – 4-5 Hours

Platform – Played on Xbox One but is also available on PlayStation and PC

About The Game?

Okay so Superhot is an Independent First Person Shooter that is developed and published by Superhot Team, the game follows traditional first-person shooter gameplay mechanics, with the player attempting to take out enemy targets using guns and other weapons, the time within the game only progresses when the player moves though. The game is presented in a minimalist art style, with enemies in red and weapons in black, in contrast to the otherwise white and grey environment.

So this game was a Free game with Xbox’s Games With Gold last month and to be fair I don’t think I would have been interested playing this game otherwise but my view on this game has changed as it’s really interesting how to play out your move within the game.


The Superhot narrative works in several metanarrative levels: the player plays a fictionalized version of themselves sitting in front of their DOS prompt, getting a message from their friend who offers them a supposedly leaked copy of a new game called superhot.exe, claiming that the only way to access it is with a crack. Launching the game immediately thrusts the player into a series of seemingly unconnected levels via different points of view, all based around killing hostiles, after which the game glitches out and disconnects. After this crash, the player’s friend sends an updated version of the .exe file, apparently a new version of the game that fixes the “glitches”.

Bandicoot Warrior Super Hot Gunshot

So the gameplay for this game is good it flows very well and can be addictive especially if you keep dying like I did, but there are so many weapon choices for you to pick up and use and they range from a Pistol to a Beer Bottle.

All the enemies are in red and weapons are black so it’s easy to see what the objective is but also makes the game and the environment stand out which makes the game stand out more.

There is also a VR version of this game which I haven’t played but I can imagine the game would be more fast-paced and keeping you on your toes.


So my view on the game is great I wasn’t interested in this game when I first saw it but now after playing the game, I enjoyed playing it. Here are the Pros and Con’s for this game.


  • Addictive Game
  • Kills Time
  • Makes you think before you kill
  • Bold and Visual Environments and Enemies


  • Can be easy to Complete (If you Speedrun it)
  • Can be frustrating
  • More DLC needed

So with this being said, I’m going to give this game a 3/5 Stars as this game kept me playing but also made me use my brain to figure out how to pass each level.

Bandicoot Warrior 3 Stars

Thanks for reading Warriors! I will hopefully post another blog this week so keep checking back to see and as usual links are at the bottom.

Super Hot Website

Super Hot Trailer

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2 thoughts on “Super Hot

  1. I really enjoyed playing this too. The gameplay itself was incredibly satisfying and the speed run levels were a nice addition. I can’t help but feel that the campaign was a bit on the short side though, especially considering I bought this on release.

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    1. Yea I know what you mean with it being a Short Campaign but I hope they will make another should be fun to see what advances they would have done :p

      Liked by 1 person

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