Avengers – Infinity War Review! (No Spoilers)

Hello Warriors!

Today I’m going to review Avengers Infinity War without any Spoilers.

So A few days ago I went to see the film in my local Cinema and like every Marvel Film it was Packed out and it felt like I was breeding Maggots but that’s the price you pay to see your Favourite Superheroes in action!

So the film started where it left off with Thor on the ship and then ventured back to earth with the rest of the Avengers.

I’m not going to say A lot more on the story as I don’t want to ruin anything for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet but come on are you even a fan if you haven’t seen it yet.

BW Avengers Fight

But I’ll give a Mini Review on it.

Story – The story was good how they tied everyone in and got everyone together at the time needed.

Plot – Goes along with the story to be good flows well ends well-ish.

CGI – As good as it can be for a Marvel Film and they didn’t hold back on the CGI either.

Overall? – The film was Awesome I loved every minute of it plus great scenes, funny moments and great fights and the ending makes you think.

All I’m saying now is Roll on Ant-Man and The Wasp.

BW Antman And The Wasp

5/5 Stars! (My first Review of 2018 with 5 Stars!)

Bandicoot Warrior 5 Stars

Well, this review was kind of difficult to do with trying not to give any spoilers away but if you haven’t seen the film yet you need to go see it will be one of the greats to come out this year.

And as usual, Links are at the bottom.

Thanks for reading.


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