In Response to Nitichi’s Questions

Hello Warriors!

And today I’m going to be Answering some questions that have been asked By Nitichi Gamer on Gaming and just a general discussion.

Okay so on 30th April Nitichi Gamer wrote a blog on how he was nominated for Neat Blogger Award which is great and with doing so he has chosen 5 bloggers to answer some questions and I’ve been lucky enough to be one of them 5 Bloggers so I thank you for that so let’s begin!

Question 1 – What is your earliest gaming memory?

This is a tough one with being 27 (Jesus I’m getting old!) I can’t remember that long ago but my first console was Sega Mega Drive 2 it was bought by my parents for one Christmas for me and my sister and it came with Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Aladdin I could never play Aladdin I always died when jumping for the Magic Carpet so my Sister had to do it for me.

BW Sega Mega Drive 2

I also remember having a PlayStation One and I got it from my cousin for nothing with loads of games I can’t remember the first game I played but it was between Crash Bandicoot, Medevil or Abe’s Oddysee.

Bandicoot Warrior PS1 Games

Another blast from the past I remember was playing Sega Rally on the Sega Saturn as well as Bug which even my Mum tried playing it and she still asks about that game to this day!


Question 2 – When did you Start blogging and Why?

I started blogging in April 2017 it came to me and a friend who also writes a blog Glitzy Warrior we were talking over lunch one day saying how people blog about games, music and films and get can get noticed for doing so and with that said we both agreed on doing our own blog on different sites and seeing who can get more views and what people think.

My Girlfriend also does a Blog which made me want to do one more as I saw a different side of her when she was doing it, at the moment she’s taking a break but hopefully will return doing so. That Makeup Blog

But the main reason I chose to start writing a blog is to do something creative with my time off work I currently work 4 on 4 off shifts and I get bored very easily so doing this blog has helped me unbore my self but also it feels good seeing people visiting my page liking my posts and sharing them, it makes me feel like I’m doing something right if that makes any sense.

Question 3 – What feature do you wish any of your consoles had that they currently don’t?

This is a tough one really most of my consoles have pretty much what I need this day and age but I remember back in the day I wish the original Gameboy had wireless to trade pokemon to make it easier damn that was frustrating but I remember when I had a Gamecube there was an attachment where you could play Gameboy games on your Gamecube that was amazing!

The only thing I would say was missing feature wise would be Backwards Compatability with the Playstation they need to figure a way of doing it without steaming like Xbox with Sony can do that I would be happy I get to play MGS again!

BW Gameboy-Playstation

Question 4 – Name a Movie that you wish had a video game made after it and what developer would you want to make it and why?

Okay for this I’m going to have to give two Movies which are Robocop and The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

Now I know Robocop does have a game but it doesn’t follow the story of the Movie so I would love it with someone did write and develop the game but to develop it is tough for shooting aspects I would say Activision but I would like to say Deep Silver would be a good shout as well I like how they made the Dead Island Series.

With The Good, The Bad and The Ugly I’ve only said this as I think it would be a great story and this is going to sound like a copycat thing but I would have Rockstar make it as there Red Dead Redemption games are Superb but I wouldn’t want it as a game release Rockstar could do it as DLC for the new game coming out as an alternative story.

BW Film Ideas for Games

Question 4 – Do you have a Games Room or Corner? If so let us see it and show your favourite thing in there?

Okay so yes I do have a Games Room as I have taken over the Dining Room in my parent’s house as we don’t have a dining room table so why not!


This is my shall we call it Man Cave and this is where most of my Blog ideas come from in the cabinet by the window is my Xbox One and Playstation kept hidden so it doesn’t look much like a Gaming Room.


My Favourite thing in this room would be my collection of games and Steelbooks I own I’m obsessed with owning stuff on Steelbook don’t know why I am but I think it looks better as well.

Question 5 – Do you have a Child or a Pet? which character do you name it after?

No Children or Pets. I used to have two Cats called Alfie and Millie but they weren’t named after any games, movies or characters not that I’m aware of anyway.

Last Question – What keeps you going when Gaming?

What keeps me going when gaming, well either Tea gotta be Yorkshire Tea though and depending if it was a crap day at work got to be a Jack and Coke that will get you through anything or knowing that playing the game I will get Achievements and I know I’m an Achievement/Trophy snob I like getting them and knowing I’m playing the game right to earn the Achievement.

Bandicoot Warrior Jack Daniels!

Well, thanks for reading Warriors! and once again Thank you for Nominating Me Nitchi Gamer to give them a follow and Like!

Now to Choose 5 Bloggers, Who To Choose?

Blogger One – Pix1001 

Blogger Two – Later Levels

Blogger Three – Esper Dreams 

Blogger Four – I Played The Game

Blogger Five – The Ginger English Man 

I have chosen you five as I follow you the most out of my followers but also I get much love from you five so I feel the need to Plug your sites and persons with this blog (Hope you don’t mind)

Thanks for reading and will post more blogs very soon!

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      1. Yeah I kinda rave the Fallout series so much so I got the Pip Boy Edition on Xbox 😛


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