Tranquillity Base Hotel & Casino

Hello Warriors!

Today I’m going to review Arctic Monkey’s latest release Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino.

So the album was released on 11th May and as soon as it was released I downloaded it straight to my phone ready for listening to in the car.


So the style of the album is completely different to what we usually get from the Monkeys with a heavy introduction of Piano and Light guitar playing giving the music 3 things:

  1. Clearer Vocals
  2. A softer side of music from the lads
  3. Something different

However to me at the moment it just feels like another The Last Shadow Puppets album with different members.


From listening to this album you can hear clearly straight away the David Bowie influence on every track on this album as well as The Strokes, Alex Turner even includes mentioning them on the first track of the album.

BW Arctic Monkeys Photoshoot


With that’s been said on this album I was looking forward to hearing new material from these guys and after Listening to it I can now say that I feel disappointed in the album. The reason I say this is because it’s completely different to what they usually make which isn’t a bad thing but it just doesn’t feel like an Arctic Monkeys album.

It’s all Piano, Vocals and no Hard rock or Guitar It’s all soft and basically like Elevator music.

Don’t get me wrong maybe after a few more goes at listening to the album It may change my views and feels on the album but at the moment I feel disappointed and let down on this album.

2 Stars for this album.

Bandicoot Warrior 2 Stars

Well, thanks for reading Warriors! will hopefully do another blog soon.

Anyway below is the video to these latest Single Four Out of Five which to me is the best song on the album so far.

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