Knack 2

A tiny little guy who can mutate into something big is an attractive concept but is also fun for the kids and adults, that’s right today I’m going to discuss my playthrough and what I actually thought of this game.

Hours Played: 9 Hours (Game Completed on Medium Difficulty)

Platform: PlayStation 4

Okay so a little information on the game before I go into my review, the game was released on 6th September 2017 and was developed by SIE Japan Studio and published by Sony Entertainment System and did receive mixed reviews all around.

Knack 2 is a friendly brain thinking game which mainly appeals to kids with the whole big is better style character and with all the robots you have to face throughout the levels and brain thinking challenges to get through the levels makes this game great for both kids.

But also this game is a great local Co-Op game, not many games give you the original sofa gaming experience you had with your friends when you were younger which in my book makes this game that little better with it going back to the roots of Co-Op gaming but also giving the new generation of gamer’s that feeling we all had back in the past.

Not only that there is no online Co-Op only local giving the game some edge and making you get your friends round to play the game with you on your console giving you the connection with your friend more instead of just talking through a headset discussing the game. Also, this game would be a great local Co-Op game if you have a younger or older sibling or a parent that can help you through those tricky levels your struggling with.

BW Knack 2 Coop

The Story in Knack 2 is good it gives the player something to listen to and also the cutscenes in the game are great and beautiful and you can tell this game has been enhanced for the PS4 Pro. The only flaw I feel this game has is the chapters there are 15 chapters in this game I just feel it was too long and they could have cut the story into 10-12 chapters.

So I played this game with my Lovely Girlfriend ThatMakeUpBlog who also kindly bought this game from CEX, anyway we started playing the game at mine and then carried on playing the game at her house carrying the save data over, the only issue I had with this is the trophy support.

Now the Trophies were great there was quite a few to get when playing this game just they only gave the trophies to player 1 so if you were both logged your PS Accounts only player 1 would receive the trophies for gaming the game. Besides this little snag, I liked the trophy support you got for playing this game it made you carry on playing to get them.

So with playing this game and completing the story, I got 49% of the trophies which is not bad halfway through them.


Before going onto the one flaw what kinda ruined the game for me and the girlfriend one thing I did like in this game was but Co-Op button mini-games that were in the game, there was one in each Chapter where you’d have to press the right button at the right time together to progress through the cutscene which I thought was a nice touch to the game.

KNACK™ 2_20170925140516

One of the biggest flaws in this game was the camera angles the position of the cameras as you move Knack around was awful at times it cuts off the way your suppose to be going or as your jumping it would move making you fall and die to make the game that little bit annoying when trying to do difficult bits.


Overall I think this game is good it has the potential for a great game it just needed a little more time in development to make it an outstanding game.

Here are my Pro’s and Con’s


  • Great local Co-Op
  • Good story
  • Good time waster
  • Good amount of trophies to earn
  • Cutscenes are good and in 4K (PS4 Pro)


  • The story could have been shorter than 15 Chapters
  • Camera angles could be better
  • Player 2 trophy support

With this being said I’m going to give this game a 3/5 Stars!

Well done Sony on bringing a game that has classic Local Co-Op play and fun for everyone including the kids.

Bandicoot Warrior 3 Stars

But more importantly, what do you Warriors think? Let me know in the comments below.

If your still not sure below is a video of the first 30 mins of gameplay of Knack 2 that I played (Sorry for low-quality video)

And as usual, Links are below!


Buy Here! (Amazon UK)

Buy Here for Pre-Owned! (Game UK)

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