Fallout 76 E3 Showcase!

Hello Warriors!

Are we Shell-Shocked? or are we tired from sitting up watching E3? I know I’m going to be drinking lots of Tea today


So today I’m doing to discuss one of Bethesda’s biggest Releases that was shown which is of course Fallout 76!

But before kicking into that I got to say thumbs up to Todd Howard for not only becoming a thing releasing Skyrim on every console known to man but also to be able to laugh at himself doing it as before Fallout 76 was discussed he mentioned What Skyrim will be released on next which was a Joke of course but Amazon Alexia.

Skyrim Very Special Edition Bandicoot Warrior

Made me Chuckle

But back to the business in hand Fallout 76!

So what was said at E3?

So the opening line was:

“Fallout 76 is a prequel to all the other games and it’s the biggest one yet, it is four times the size than Fallout 4. Set in the hills of West Virginia you are one of the first to emerge into an untamed and very different wasteland”

After Todd show said this he showed the Trailer to the game which showed quite a lot which also includes the environment and new beasts to take on as well as a shout to Mothman. (Trailer Below)

So after seeing the trailer Todd beings explaining the story behind the game which is basically you are living in Vault 76 where you are waiting for Reclamation Day which is 25 years after the bombs have dropped you will resurface from the Vault to rebuild society giving quests from the overseer making you travel through 6 different regions that have their own style risk and rewards.

So let’s begin discussing!


Fallout 76 Enviroment Shot Bandicoot Warrior

The environment is much better this time around it features rendering, lighting and landscape technology which also features 16 times the detail and an even view of the weather systems to be in place. From this, it tells me the game will be more advanced with weather textures will be brighter and more clear but also will look stunning in 4K.

Map Sneak Peek

Map Shot Bandicoot Warrior

As you can see the map displayed here is completely different to what we usually have will this be in the game or just on the map with the collector’s edition (more on preorders later) but you can see the map is quite big only from this shot and the Vault is bang in the middle?


Creature 1 BW

The Beast of Grafton

AntBee Bandicoot Warrior

Ant Bee? (Sorry picture Quality isn’t great for this one)

Stalker Bandicoot Warrior

Not sure what this is yet but from the heavy breathing on the video may be a Stalker of some sort.

Early Version of Ghoul Bandicoot Warrior

Maybe an early version of the Ghouls we already know or something worst.

Online Play!

After these beasts were shown Todd then said something that shook the room “Every person in the vault is a real person, making this game fully online” the crowd then scream and clapped but then he also explained offline play is available as well for those not wanting to play online.

But from that, I’m now very excited that I’m able to run along the wasteland with friends killing beasts, creatures and most of all raiders!

The best thing said was that we won’t even see the servers when playing and that the servers will only occupy dozens not hundreds and not thousands so you and your friends could be at one side of the map and others could be elsewhere you may not even see them but PVP is available and will be on the servers as from the video shown at E3.

Fallout 76 PVP Bandicoot Warrior

Co-Op Play

So with this being online who can go on your own or with friends which is what I like about this game by the sounds of it you can jump into a friends game join them in the wasteland or go alone and meet new people or kill new people.

Co-op BW

So from this screenshot, it looks like Co-Op will be 4 player which is great not to many people but just enough but also shows the levels of the players your working with and their health it kinda feels like a dead island/left for dead style Co-Op which I loved and if Bethesda do it correctly this game will be amazing!


Now not only walking around the wasteland with friends or enemies is the best news for this game but now Todd confirmed that you can now build anywhere you like and then move what you build with you so you can build a camp and move it with you to different locations saves you building over and over even though that’s not a bad thing but also if you build something great you don’t lose it as you move.


With this tool anythings’ possible to build but you have to watch out for enemies within the area as they will destroy your creations.

But after killing these beasts the best bit is there is a Photo mode for you to mess around with.

Photo Mode BW

Nuclear Sites

Now online there are Nuclear sites available where you and or your friends can find them and lunch nukes to drop on certain locations.

Nukes Sites BW

However, it isn’t as easy as it sounds as you need the Nuclear codes within the game to be able to launch the missiles and the way to retrieve them is speaking to the locals or should I say killing the locals.

Nuke BW

After getting the codes needed you then decide where you want to drop the nuke on the map (here comes the Big Sneak Peek of the map)

Map Sneak Peek 2 BW

After blowing up the area you can then investigate to see if enemies had fallen or if there is exotic loot to grab as well as any new enemies to conquer from radiation.

And coming to close the E3 Announcement of Fallout 76 two of the best bits are left to come which is Special Editions to pre-order and….



Yes! there will be a BETA Available to play upon Pre-Order which is gonna be ace and I’m looking forward too!

Collector’s Edition

So the collector edition of this game is pretty good it comes with a Glow in the dark map of West Virginia, a steelbook copy of the game, some small figurines of people in Fallout and the best for last a Power Armour Helmet with working headlamp and basically a voice changer all for £175.

Collector's Edition BW

Now previously with Fallout 4, I bought the Pip-Boy Edition and I was a little disappointed in the build of the Pipboy so I don’t think I will invest in this Edition of the game but when others come out I will check them out.

Okay and that’s it for Fallout 76 did you like what you saw? what do you think of the game? and is it missing something? Let me know in the Comments

Thanks for reading!


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