Jurassic World – Fallen Kingdom Review

Dinosaurs running around hunting and preying on humans? That’s right it’s that time again where Dinosaurs scare the world. And here’s my review on the latest film.

So Jurassic World was released on 6th June in cinemas I left it a while before I went to go see it, but I should have gone to see it as soon as, as this film was pretty good.

The fifth instalment in the franchise Jurassic World offers a lot of adventure a few scare moments within the film and also builds on the History of Jurassic Park which makes this instalment of the franchise interesting.

So with a different Director for this instalment, J.A. Bayona gives the film different shots and dynamic views compared to the original director from the first instalment of the Jurassic world films Colin Trevorrow. Even though he didn’t direct this film he helped write and produce the story along with Steven Spielberg.

Blue Bandicoot Warrior

Story?…(Spoiler Alert)

So the story is complex following the story of Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard) Jurassic World’s former operations manager, now a dinosaur-rights activist, who has founded the Dinosaur Protection Group to save the surviving dinosaurs from fictional Central American Island Isla Nublar. Where she is approached by Sir Benjamin Lockwood (James Cromwell) to extract and rescue the Dinosaurs of the island that is about to erupt from a Volcano.

This is where she recruits Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) to help her get the dinosaurs off the island but also to extract the one and only Blue as she is the last of her kind making her a more valuable.

But Lockwood’s Assistant Eli Mills (Rafe Spall) see’s this as an opportunity to sell the dinosaurs on the black market to increase Lockwood’s fortune but also betraying Lockwood’s trust as well as Clair and Owen’s.

I would carry on but I don’t want to ruin the rest of the film for people but this film is very good lots of CGI to make Dino’s look great, great casting of new faces as well which could return in the third instalment and it had a story you wanted to keep watching to find out what’s going to happen to these Dinosaurs. 


There were a few snags in the film one being Jeff Goldblum should have been in the film more! he had 2 scenes which were a total of 5 minutes don’t get me wrong they were good scenes and totally fitted the film but we want more of the legend in the franchise!


Another being the ending to the film I don’t like how similar it was to the first instalment of the film and just looked like lazy writing on their behalf.



  • Great film
  • Lots of CGI
  • Good Story
  • Makes you want the third instalment


  • Lazy Writing on the ending
  • More Jeff Goldblum needed

All in all this film was pretty fun to watch and I enjoyed watching it too so I’m giving this film 4/5 Stars!

Bandicoot Warrior 4 Stars

What did you think? Let me know in the Comments and trailer below for the film

Thanks for reading!


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10 thoughts on “Jurassic World – Fallen Kingdom Review

  1. The very first thing I would like to say I like dinosaur and the way you beautifully define it and the most crucial part is the story, you explain it sooo well it was like I’m watching a flick .. keep it up man. ❤👍❤


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