Later Levels Question of the Month – July 2018

It’s that time again where we answer the Question of the month!

Thanks to Later Levels every month there is a gaming question where bloggers from across the globe give their answers to the question, basically a little fun and no competition well unless you want to be picked as the winner!

This month’s question is Provided by The Gaming Diaries which is a great blogger and has some great posts, if you haven’t checked them out or aren’t following them I suggest you do so!

The Question?

It is coming into wedding season if the shops and people I know are anything to go by. So in that spirit, you and a plus-one are attending the gaming wedding of the year. Which video game character do you take to the wedding and which character gives you advice on what to wear?

My Plus One?

So my Plus one for the wedding would have to be Solid Snake!

BW Snake

What more do I have to say he’s Old, Smart Always dresses good and can pull off a uniform plus he can tell a few decent stories at the wedding about Metal Gear!

Plus the way he smokes he makes it look cool.

BW Anyone Got A Smoke

Not only that I see Solid Snake as one of the most influential video gaming characters of all time I’ve loved playing Metal Gear Solid since I was 8 and have played most of them if not all of them even the retro Game Boy games.

Plus I think that he would be an awesome plus one just for the cool factor!


Runner-up for my Plus one would be Ciri from The Witcher 3 as she’s good the looks, moves and swagger for an after party at a wedding, however, I think she would steal all the attention from the bride at the wedding.

BW TW3 Ciri

My Clothing Choice Assistant?

Okay, o the Video Game Character to help me choose what to wear for the wedding is none other than Vault Boy!

BW Vault Boy!

You knew there had to be Fallout in this post somewhere come on you know I’m obsessed with it.

But I chose Vault Boy because he knows how to wear a suit but no matter what you wear he will give you the thumbs up but also he will want you Radioactive ready in case the bombs start falling.

Also,the amount of different attires Vault Boy has had within the games and trophies and achievements tell you he knows his clothing.

BW Vult Boy Tropies

So what do you think of my choices?

BW Big Boss

Let me know in the comments Below! and once again Thanks to The Gaming Diaries for the question and Later Levels for posting it make sure you give them a follow, like or comment!

Thanks for reading!

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3 thoughts on “Later Levels Question of the Month – July 2018

  1. Thanks for taking part. I think you made a good choice with your plus one. Your runner up is good but I agree could perhaps take some attention from the bride. I’m also enjoying that you managed to get Fallout into your answer.

    Liked by 1 person

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