Head Ball 2 Review!

One Boot and your Head that’s right this game is all about using your head to score goals in the new version of Head Ball.

Now your probably wondering why I’m reviewing this game as it’s something I usually don’t do but this was requested for me to do on my Facebook page.


And since it’s the first request I’ve had it would be rude not to do so.

About the game?

Okay so this game was made by Masomo Gaming and came available on the Android and Ios Market on 13th April this year and it is the sequel to Head Ball of you’ve played Head Ball before then your progress with not carry over you will have to start again.

What is the Game?

Head Ball 2 is an online football game in which you can compete with players in real-time. Use Super Powers, improve your characters and be a football legend. As you proceed through your campaign; play matches, upgrade Super Powers and you will gain Experience Points (XP) to level up your player.


So I’ve downloaded the game to my iPhone didn’t take long to download and install and you jumped in the game straight away with a tutorial of how to play and the controls and superpowers available to you as well as packs that you earn or buy (Mirco-Transactions) but you’ve basically got to gain supporters by winning matches and unlock 10 progressing stadiums each stadium is bigger and better than the previous.

Head Ball Main Menu

Super Powers?

There are 16 Super Powers for you to use during the game which varies from Fireball, Big Head, Big Goals and Freezing the Net. These are unlocked with the higher level you are and can only be used in different stadiums or when you have unlocked the stadiums which is a nice touch by the developer which means you won’t be outnumbered with Superpowers when you start the game but also people will be in the same vote as you.


Character Select?

On the character select screen, there are 67 Characters to choose from however you need to unlock most of them either by winning or buying packs but you also get to customise your character with clothing and a different boot.



So overall I’ve played this game for one hour and it’s not a bad game it’s fun, it kills spare time if you have any and it’s simply no thinking needed for the game just move kick and head the ball to win.

There are a few flaws within the game the main one being Micro-transactions the game does feel like a pay to win the game at times as there were a few people I went against that have paid for the items to play which is annoying but it’s how the company make money.

Another thing is the adverts, I know it’s a free game and they make money on them but showing an advert after every match you play can be annoying and frustrating they should show one every 10 minutes, not every 2 minutes.

So as usual here are my Pro’s and Con’s to the same.


  • Nice game just pick up and play
  • Different Stadiums gives it a different feel playing other opponents
  • Customize your character
  • Achievements
  • Tournaments and teams to join and play


  • Pay to play method is available
  • Adverts are too frequent
  • Music can get annoying after a time.

Okay so, all in all, I’m going to give this game a 3/5 Stars not the best game I’ve played on my phone but its one that I will keep on their to past time in work or at home when I’m bored or at a loose end.

Bandicoot Warrior 3 Stars

So what do you think of this game? Did I miss anything? let me know in the comments below, also a trailer is available for the game below as well.

And most of all,

Thanks for reading!


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