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Today I read A Geek Girls Guide blog where she asked herself some questions on gaming and thought I would give it a go too.

Once again give a like and follow to A Geek Girls Guide as there are some great posts on the site to read!

Okay, so let’s begin!

1. A Game Everyone Loves That You Can’t Stand

Okay so people are probably going to get the steaks and forks for me when I say this but the game I can’t stand is Halo, now before you say it I’ve tried it and even played the first one throughout to completion but I just can’t get into them and the amount they have made and the spin-off and films they’ve done makes me not stand it anymore!

Halo Bandicoot

2. A Game That You Love, But No One Else Seems Too

So I’m going back to Xbox 360 for this one and most of my friends hated this game and I was loving it and still do in a way without this game some of the mechanics wouldn’t be in one of the most selling games of all time and made it in the Guinness world records that being GTA 5.

Still guessing? Max Payne 3! this game was amazing for me loved the shooting and diving around took me back to playing the original.

Max Payne 3 Banicoot

3. An Older Game You Haven’t Finished and Probably Never Will

As bad as it is I have quite a few games I haven’t finished but the one that comes to mine straight away is Assassins Creed Synicade, got much love for the game with it being in London but every time I try to play the game I either give up or just turn it off so I doubt I’ll finish it.

Assassins Creed Bandicoot

4. A Guilty Pleasure Game

Well, I have 3 Guilty Pleasure Games!

  • Theme Hospital
  • Command and Conquer
  • The Sims

And they’re all on PC! Theme Hospital is a classic from Bullfrog and what more do you want than to fix a slack tongue or deflate someone’s head. Command and Conquer was the timewaster game I loved building on the game and deploying troops to kill the enemy. And the sims what more do I have to say for that It’s the Sims!

5. A Game You Really Love But Haven’t Played In A Long Time

Tough one but it’s got to be Fallout 3 that game started my Obsession with the Franchise and I haven’t played that game in Years! I should really pick it back up and carry on with it there are surely still some side quests to do.

Fallout 3 BW

6. A Game You Never Play Seriously But Others Do

I know the answer to this one straight away and that’s Fortnite games are to be played to have fun and enjoy not to be serious and make the gaming experience a job trying to win all the time. Plus I and my mates have a laugh at the game and basically just have fun recording silly clips.

Fortnite Wom BW

7. A Game You Completed But Hated It By The End.

Well it’s got to be Red Dead Redemption, don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the game and have much love for it but it felt like it dragged doing all the missions and then the ending to the game annoyed me as well.


8. A Game You Thought You’s Enjoy But Didn’t

Well, that’s easy for me and that’s SMITE. The game is a good idea and the game modes are nice but the matchmaking is awful I and a few friends were playing this game for a few days and the amount of ridiculous high levelled players we came across made the game not worth playing and just boring.

Smite BW

9. A Game You Didn’t Think Was For You And Then Loved

I’m going to go with Forza Horizon 2 I’m not big on racing games but I bought this as my mate twisted my arm saying how good it was and then I got the others to invest in the game was quite fun playing the game and racing against each other.


10. A Game You Are Still Excited For That Hasn’t Come Out Yet.

Where do I start? Spiderman, Strange Brigade and Fallout 76! Can’t wait for these games to come out and have been waiting for Fallout 76 since it was announced and have even pre-ordered it!.


Bonus Question!

Okay, so thanks to Michelle at A Geek Girl’s Guide for the questions and to show my thanks I’m adding a question to the list for future bloggers to answer!

11. Your Favourite Gaming Character!

Okay so one of my favourite gaming characters (as I have so many) I would have to say Dogmeat from Fallout3/4 I love that dog and have him following me around most of the time and I even got disappointed when I thought I lost him.


Well, once again thanks to A Geek Girl’s Guide for the questions and what do you think of my answers? let me know in the comments below and make sure to tag me if you do these questions so I can see your answers too.


Thanks For Reading!


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