The Prodigy – Need Some1

Extra Bass? Drums? Loud Noises!

That’s right The Prodigy is back with their latest single Need Some1.

Being released on 19th July after being premiered on Annie Mac’s Radio 1 show this song brings the Electronica Kings back into the limelight after a 3-year absence from the music business.

That being said the song takes me back to their original stuff and it feels like they haven’t been absence at all, with Bass like Firestarter and drums like Breathe and a hint of The Day is My Enemy making a song we call “A Banger”

Firestarter Bandicoot

Need Some1 is a great single to promote the upcoming album as it’s catchy, upbeat and only has 3 lyrics within the song.

No Tourists is scheduled to be released on 2nd November this year and will be The Prodigy’s seventh studio album.

When the lads were asked about the new album by NME the lads said “To us, ‘No Tourists’ is ultimately about escapism and the want and need to be derailed. Don’t be a tourist—there is always more danger and excitement to be found if you stray from the set path.”

The Prodgy Bandicoot Warrior

Also with the single, they also released a music video the same day of release which was directed by Paco Raterta and was filmed in Manila (Video will be at the bottom)

The video is very different and doesn’t feature the lads in the video but rather a group of lads that are in a band and you follow their daily routine which is music, violence and partying, there could be a hidden message behind the music video just not sure what yet.

But more exciting things to come hopefully maybe another single to promote the album let’s hope anyway but also maybe the band have more freedom or cash funds available to them now with signing with BMG in 2017.

Either way, the song is “A Banger” and if you haven’t checked it out yet you need to!

But what you do think? Let me know in the comments below!


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