New Members of Bandicoot Warrior!

Hello Warriors!

Just a quick update on whats happening at the moment I know I’ve not been posting much recently but I will do soon but also maybe my new Contributors will as well.

That’s right Bandicoot Warrior’s team has increased to three members so hopefully, there will be more and newer content frequently.

Anyway enough of me chatting away let’s introduce you to the new team members.

Team Member OneI Am Kushnonstein 



A good friend of mine known as by the name of Tom but in the gaming world known as Iamkushnonstein he has been playing games as just as long as me and is a big fan of steaming his gameplay to the world on Twitch he has only just started blogging himself and thought this would be a great idea to bring him into the Bandicoot Family to kick-start his blogging page so show him some love, comments and like if you see him post on my page or his own. (Links Below)

Team Member TwoPrettyNerdy 


My partner in Crime and the person who actually got me into blogging also known as Emily, Pretty nerdy is into gaming just as much as me and is obsessed with Fallout and Skyrim she was writing for a Makeup blog called ThatMakeupBlog but now I have requested her writing skills to help the Bandicoot Warrior name grow bigger and better so once again if you see her post anything to give her a like, comment or reblog and show her some love. (Links Below)


Also In News!

Hopefully, n a few days, will have a new Logo for the Facebook and Twitter page so keep a look out it should be more exciting than the one we currently have.

Here’s a Sneak Peek….


Anyway woo thanks for reading Warriors keep checking back to see what’s Happening!

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Bandicootwarrior is an upcoming Reviewing blog site where i will review music, films and most of all games!

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