Joji – Yeah Right Single Review

From youtube videos and Comedy writing George Miller also known as Joji has come along way since Filthy Frank and Pink Guy.

But today I’m going to talk about his latest release in the music business his new single called Yeah Right.

Being released in May this year only a few months after the re-release of his debut EP In Tongues, Yeah Right reaches 23 on the R&B Billboard Top 100 and also racking up 10+ Million views on the music video (Video at bottom of page) Has proven to be a good start in his new solo music career.

So What’s the song about? 

So the song is basically about a person not caring about another person in a party or club but they still dance with them but if that person were to drop down and die that person will just walk away. This was explained by Joji himself in a video presented by Genius explaining this views and thoughts on his own song but also explaining them to the world.

My Views on the song?

I think the song is great and I’ve been listening to it quite a lot recently and just can’t get it out of my head it mellow beat and vocals flow right and well and it’s basically my go sit in a dark room in the corner vibe song but there’s nothing wrong with that it’s just a chilled song.

Out of Five? 

Well I’ve been a fan of George Miller for a while I saw him a few years back on youtube as Filthy Frank and Pink Guy and watched most of his videos including the original Harlem Shake video he did and I’m liking where his musical difference is going it’s different and chilled plus his debut EP in tongues was also very well written and performed as well.

Don’t get me wrong I still have Pink Guy’s album on my phone and always will but I think the future for Joji is going to be very good and I can see him excelling his original work and becoming more known and popular each day goes by.

I’m giving Joji a 4/5 Stars!

I’ve really enjoyed listening to his music as well as this song this song by far stands out and I would recommend anyone to give it a try.

Bandicoot Warrior 4 Stars

Well, thanks for reading warriors! only a quick blog today will hopefully do some more this week.

But more importantly, what did you think of this song? Let me know in the comments below and Any questions feel free to ask.



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